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This Month In Style: August 2023

Style Magazine – August 2023

As much as I love my family, sometimes a weekend away with girlfriends is essential. Last month, I did just that with four of my closest childhood gal pals. Though distance, marriage, and momhood have attempted to pull us apart, our roots are so deeply established that the friendship continues to grow as time ticks on.

Maybe it’s because we watched each other grow up—from the pubescent years of braces, bad acne, and embarrassing haircuts into the confident, wise women we are today; perhaps it’s because we know, and accept, everything about one another (the good, the bad, and the awkward); or maybe it’s because we’ve supported each other through breakups, health scares, significant life changes, and loss. Whatever the reason for our strong bond, once a year, we leave our husbands and babies behind and get away together for good food, good times, and good wine.

Speaking of the latter, our most recent trip was a staycation (for me) that, naturally, included adventuring to some of our area’s wonderful wineries. Wondering where I took my friends—and where you should take yours, too? All the places mentioned in this month’s feature, “Wine Time!” are a “grape” place to start. Turn to page 54 for tasteful tasting rooms, vineyards with a view, spots where you can sip while also savoring a meal, and more. My out-of-town guests were beyond impressed with the amazing vino (particularly the petite sirahs and bold barberas), state-of-the-art spaces, and stunning scenery.

Something else I was proud to show my forever friends? All the farm-to-fork flavors found ’round town on almost every menu. From cocktails made with just-picked peaches to pizza topped with slow-roasted sweet corn and cherry tomatoes, we were hard-pressed to find a meal made without something locally grown—and even checked out a farmers’ market (for a list of regional ones, flip to page 86).

But the most exciting (and my personal favorite) expedition was exploring a handful of farm-to-bottle breweries—places that grow their ingredients (hops, honey, mandarins, and more) on-site. Check out “Good Beer Hunting” (page 84) for a roundup of where to find these hidden, home-grown gems—with recommendations on what to try.

Did my friends and I do anything else besides eat and drink? Does talking, laughing, and lounging by a pool count? It may not have been a weekend of intense workouts, but it was a weekend that reminded me how incredibly fortunate I am to have true (and super fun!) friends and to live in a place I feel proud to call home. Cheers!

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