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Sagehen Creek Loop

Located Near:

5.2-mile loop.


Difficulty Level:
Easy; heavily trafficked.

Know Before You Go:
Expect lots of people along the beginning sections of the trail; the deeper you go, the more opportunity for solitude. With ample water this year, be prepared to cross creeks and mud. Bring a swimsuit if you want to take a dip in the reservoir. Wear shoes with traction and sun protection, and bring plenty of water; as always, practice Leave No Trace principles.

Why We Love It:
This family-friendly loop offers amazing wildflowers, wildlife, streams, and all the beauty that makes Truckee one of our favorite local getaways. 


Fuel Up:
With a hearty selection of tasty fare, plus beer, wine, and cocktails, it’s hard to go wrong with a meal at Truckee Tavern & Grill (, where “rustic vibes meet contemporary creativity.” Whether you’re craving a ribeye, burger, lobster fettucine, or hearty bowl of house-made mac & cheese, there's something for the whole family.


The Tahoe National Forest is home to some amazing wildlife, as well as breathtaking views. While they’re not always easy to spot, here are a few critters to look out for while you’re out exploring.


Bald Eagle. Easily recognized with a wingspan reaching seven feet!

Golden Eagle. Most often seen around rocky outcroppings.

Osprey. Watch for these around Donner Lake diving for fish.

Red-Tailed Hawk. Visible all around our area, you’re likely to see this bird soaring in wide circles as it hunts for a wide variety of prey.



Black Bear. A Tahoe wilderness favorite that, despite the name, can be found in blonde and cinnamon colors.

Bobcat. Very rare to spot!

Coyote. Often seen during twilight hours.

Mule Deer. With a coat that blends perfectly into the forest, good luck spotting this one.

Yellow-Bellied Marmot. I once found one of these near Horsetail Falls; you may think it’s a beaver but look again.

by Ryan Martinez

Photos 1 & 2 by @siveredge. Photo 3 by Megan Delehanty. Photos 4 & 5 by Michelle Pavano. Photo 6 by Ted Moore. Photo 7 by @jcmochnick. Truckee Tavern & Grill photos courtesy of Truckee Tavern & Grill.