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Good Beer Hunting: Farm-to-Bottle Breweries

While the popularity and presence of craft breweries has rapidly risen, farm-to-bottle breweries—establishments whose ingredients (hops, honey, herbs, stone fruit, mandarins, and more) are grown on-site and purposefully handcrafted into pints—is still a somewhat hard-to-come-by concept. Fortunately, our region is home to a handful of breweries that make some mouthwatering ground-to-glass pours. Cheers to these home-grown establishments!

Hillenbrand Farmhaus Brewery
Beautifully landscaped with lush scenery in every direction and shaded seating areas (under misters!) overlooking a pretty pond with a water fountain, Hillenbrand Farmhaus is a “destination brewery”—and not your average place to grab a pint. In addition to an acre of Cascade hops, you’ll find a two-acre orchard with peach trees, apricot trees, lemon trees, and fig trees—all of which are used in Farmhaus’ award-winning brews. For an approachable, light beer with a hint of salted lime and a crisp, clean finish, order the Mexicali Lager. Just don’t forget to pair it with a German Pretzel Platter (one of many hyper-local food options available)—a fresh-baked pretzel from Freeport Bakery garnished with grapes, cheese, salami, olives, cashews, and almonds. Hillenbrand Farmhaus Brewery, 5100 Virginiatown Road, Newcastle, 818-714-0078,

Hillenbrand Farmhaus Brewery


GoatHouse Brewing Co.
Growing approximately 20 varietals of hops (over 2,000 plants), Lincoln’s GoatHouse Brewing Co. also has an expansive orchard filled with citrus, stone fruit, and apples that they use in seasonal beer batches. What’s more, the 11.5-acre property (comprised of the brewery, tasting room, hop farm, three ponds, and lots of goats!) is mostly sustainable, from using wastewater for irrigation to the owners’ commitment to all-natural farming techniques. Their most popular brew, Honey Baby, is an ale made using local honey from their on-site bees; think of it as “health food, but in beer form!” says co-owner Cathy Johnson. GoatHouse Brewing Co., 600 Wise Road Lincoln, 916-740-9100,

GoatHouse Brewing Co.


Dueling Dogs Brewing Co.
Dueling Dogs may have “brewing” in their name, but they also make mead and cider, using farm-grown, hand-picked fruit (mandarins, apples, peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, etc.) and herbs. What else will you find on the beautiful 10.1-acre property? A picturesque pond, pizzeria, hop fields, vineyards, chickens, and great beer, including Hounds of Basil—a classic Czech-style pilsner infused with fresh basil that’s light, fresh, and perfect for hot summer days. Dueling Dogs Brewing Co., 3030 Barrett Park Lane, Lincoln, 916-434-8141, 

Dueling Dogs Brewing Co.



Fowler Ranch Farm Brewery
3111 Lincoln-Newcastle Highway, Lincoln, 916-645-8191,

Jack Russell Farm Brewery
2380 Larsen Drive, Camino, 530-647-6222,

Ruhstaller Farm
6686 Sievers Road, Dixon, 530-601-8240,


All photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.