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Ask the Expert: How Does Dance Improve a Person’s Overall Health and Wellness?

Q: How does dance improve a person’s overall health and wellness?
A: All exercise improves one’s overall health and physical well-being—from weight loss and increased energy levels, to reduction in chronic health conditions and improved brain health and memory. But to me, dance takes exercise to a higher level. It adds joy. And that is because dance is most often a response to music. All cultures and all ages respond to music—whether it’s a rhythmic drumbeat, a violin solo, a song, or a full orchestra. Music lifts one’s soul and connects people to one another. All one needs to do to cure the blues is turn on music, and dance, dance, dance!

—Dierdre Hawkins, Founder
Hawkins School of Performing Arts
118 Woodmere Road, Folsom, 916-355-1900,