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This Month In Style: May 2023

Style Magazine – May 2023

I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to Mother’s Day. My only ask? To start the morning on my mat (aka, attend a yoga class). Though I also crave quality time with my favorite people (family!) and appreciate a handmade card or fresh-cut flowers, spending 75 uninterrupted minutes focusing on “my” breath and “my” body—without staring at a screen or listening to my daughters’ scream—is my kind of way to welcome the day.

If every morning could begin with downward dogging, I’d likely be a more pleasant, present, and patient person with a less nervous nervous system; unfortunately, a regular yoga practice isn’t currently in the cards. And even if it was, as someone who’s prone to panic and anxiety, I need all sorts of assistance—beyond just breathwork—to manage my mental health. 

Apparently, I’m not alone either. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness. Turn to “Mind Your Mind” (page 20) to read about local resources aimed at helping those battling with everything from PTSD to postpartum depression heal and deal.

Speaking of maternal mental health, with Mother’s Day upon us (May 14), we thought it timely to talk about the importance of self-care. Check out “Me Time Matters” (page 38) for actionable ideas all moms can, and should, take—like carving out quiet time, scheduling personal pampering appointments, and mingling with other mamas through community groups like The Mom Walk Collective. Side note: We have some great Mother’s Day gift ideas starting on page 68. (Hint, hint, husbands!)

In addition to the full-time job of motherhood, more females than ever before have actual full-time jobs—many in management or CEO roles. Learn about some of our region’s incredibly inspiring “Women in Business” starting on page 44. This year’s spread is one of our biggest, best ones yet—an encouraging sign that the tide may (hopefully) be turning toward favoring women in the workforce.

Finally, in our feature, “BBQ Bucket List!” we highlight some of the best barbecue in town. Whether you favor a specific style (St. Louis? Southern Texas?) or simply believe “the meatier, the messier, the better,” there’s a rack of ribs and a side of slaw you’ll certainly want to try. Dig in starting on page 81.

Enjoy the issue and remember to do something that brings YOU joy today—and every day! Whether it’s heading out for a hike (page 42), meeting friends for tapas and tempranillo at The Vine (see page 94), or celebrating National Bike Month by riding on a new-to-you route (page 16), your body—but mostly your mind—will thank you. Cheers! 

—Megan, [email protected], @meggoeggowaffle