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Ask the Expert: Wellness Center Vs. Standard Gym?

Q: What are the benefits of choosing a health and wellness center over a standard gym?
A: The concept of wellness has evolved as a focus of optimal health. People want to be fit, but more so, they want to be well-rounded in their overall approach to health. Enter wellness. In addition to all the traditional offerings of a well-equipped gym, [wellness centers often] include medical-fitness components that utilize research on healthy aging with a focus on fitness biomarkers, functional strength, balance, athletic pursuits, bone health, disease prevention, recovery, and joint preservation. Physical therapists, strength and conditioning specialists, and trainers specializing in women’s health and the aging population may be available to help members achieve superior wellness, too.

—Lisa Robinson, General Manager,
Roseville Health & Wellness Center,
1650 Lead Hill Boulevard, Roseville,

by Bella Nolen