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This Month In Style: May 2024

Style Magazine – May 2024

Do you run cold or hot? Personally, I’m constantly cold, which is probably why I prefer warm weather—and even warmer water. Just ask those closest to me. My ideal shower temperature is borderline scalding, to the point where my limbs turn lobster red. Even on bright, sunny days, if you shake my hand or touch my toes, you’ll likely be met with frigid fingers and feet. Despite talking to medical professionals and undergoing all types of tests, there’s no explanation or cause for concern. I’m just that cool.

Needless to say, when a friend proposed we “take the plunge”—as in a cold plunge—at Asha Urban Baths recently, I immediately felt goosebumps growing. Why would I voluntarily immerse myself into a bitter-cold bath? Well, if you turn to page 38, contributor Caroline King talks about all the benefits of this ancient practice that’s all the rage right now. I ended up going for it (I definitely don’t have “cold feet” when it comes to trying new things) and can confidently say that all the so-called advantages are indeed accurate. Though I won’t be turning my hot water heater off anytime soon, a quick dip in a cool pool (or shower) instantly energizes the body and mind. In “Take a Hike” (page 40), writer Ryan Martinez touches more on the cold plunge craze and suggests a local watering hole where you can make a splash en plein air.

Besides the battle of hot versus cold, we have another—possibly more important—battle tucked inside this month’s magazine: a “Burger Battle!” Flip to page 78 for 25 of the region’s best, biggest, most elevated, innovative ones, plus palate-pleasing patty melts and plant-based patties. From house-ground meats and clever condiments to unique patty preparations and fancy fixin’s, we’ve got your buns covered.

Another “battle” that continues to be fought? The battle of the sexes, particularly in professional settings. While inequality still exists, our lengthy “Women in Business” special section (page 42)—which highlights local entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other females in powerful positions—is proof that the gender gap is slowly becoming smaller. I hope reading each woman’s story of success is both inspirational and encouraging.

Finally, because May is a month when the temps seem to strike that perfect balance between “not too hot” and “not too cold”—a time when morning, noon, and night are all acceptable hours to be outdoors—we share our favorite patios found ’round town in “Where to Dine Out(side)” (page 100). While some are large and luxurious with magical market lights and others provide stellar sunset views and lush landscaping, all 10 serve up good eats, drinks, and vibes. 

Enjoy the issue and the warm (but not too warm) weather; the triple-digit dog days will be descending upon us before we know it. Cheers! 


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