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This Month In Style: April 2024

Style Magazine – April 2024

Flowers have power—to quiet the mind, express our deepest emotions, and turn a frown upside down. Whether it’s admiring them in the great outdoors, presenting a bouquet to your beloved, or using their petals for medicinal purposes, life without blooms would be a darker, more dismal place. Just ask my two daughters—or watch them when they come upon a field of flowers. They go from melting down to slowing down: picking, sniffing, and soaking in their scent. Who needs screens when you have sunflowers and snapdragons?

Luckily, now’s the prime time (and we live in the prime place) for petal-peeping. Turn to “Super Blooms” (page 18) for 10 flowers that grow locally—from lavender and lupine to daylilies and daffodils—with fun facts about each type and where you can see (or pick) them. For more spring things, check out “Spirits in Bloom” (page 92), featuring four floral, fruity cocktail recipes, courtesy of our area’s buzzworthy distilleries; and “Spring Bling” (page 54) for 10 fresh-air essentials to adorn yourself (and your yard) with this season.

Once you’ve had your fill of flowers, it’s time to get filled up on food—and we have plenty of recommendations on where to go and what to order. In “Best Thing I Ever Ate” (page 72) you’ll discover, then want to devour, a roundup of the region’s top 25 dishes. From the simple (chicken parmesan and deep-dish pizza) to the more obscure (fried sauerkraut balls and pastrami Reuben egg rolls), and everything in between (white lasagna, stuffed mushrooms, and frutti di mare, oh my!), I’m pretty sure you’ll find a plate that speaks to your palate.

If you’re looking to expand your culinary horizons (beyond the basics we all know and love), then check out “Flavors from Afar” (page 88) for a journey around the world in seven distinctly different but equally enticing entrées. If you see the word “bibimbap” and say “bibim-what?” then this article was written for you.

And if an actual international adventure is what you’re craving—good news! This month’s travel piece, “Magnifique Montréal” (page 80), is all about French Canada’s culinary capital (sited in the province of Québec)—a multicultural metropolis where the food is unforgettable, the people are friendly, and the vibe’s foreign yet familiar.

Enjoy the issue and remember to slow down and savor the season—and all the beautiful flowers and flavors that come with it. Santé! 

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