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Ask the Expert: What are Some Tips for Giving a Great Gift?

Q: What are some tips for giving a great gift?
A: Giving a great gift is easy if you know the person you’re shopping for and what they truly like. Purchasing a football for someone who plays soccer, for example, makes no sense. It’s also important to make your purchase meaningful by personalizing it. If you have limited knowledge about the recipient, specialty stores are great; not only do they have employees who can assist with picking out a perfect present, but they  sell unique merchandise that will leave a lasting impression. Most importantly, know that a gift doesn't need to be expensive, so long as it’s thoughtful and shows you put some effort into picking it out. 

—Sherri and Jim Metzker, Co-Owners
Dorothea’s Shoppe
801 Sutter Street, Folsom, 916-985-2714,