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This Month In Style: November 2023

Style Magazine – November 2023

As someone who enjoys cooking—and the economical, health, and therapeutic benefits that come with it—dining out is a real rarity. It’s also a real treat, particularly for my two future foodies who think restaurants are (almost) as cool as Christmas.

 When I do depart my own kitchen, however, I crave dishes that are challenging (for me) to replicate at home—recipes that require ample ingredients and effort (croissants, curry, sushi, etc.). I also gravitate toward “happy meals”—not the kind from the Golden Arches—but food (and an ambiance!) that’s fun, encourages interaction, and gives people permission to play. After all, food—just like life—shouldn't be taken too seriously.

 Curious which cuisines allow this type of experiential eating and where, locally, you can savor the flavors? Turn to “The Hot List” (page 86) for some can’t-miss meals, including molcajete (a tastier, more filling version of fajitas), hot pot (the ultimate winter warmer) and fondue (yes, please, to melted cheese!).

 If you’re seeking some more traditional dishes and dining destinations, check out “Where the Chefs Eat” (page 62) for a roundup of restaurant recommendations courtesy of our region’s most accomplished epicureans. From fast-casual finds the whole family will love to more upscale establishments, plus some cool cafés and beloved breweries, I’m confident you’ll discover plenty of places to check out.

 As the days grow darker, temps dip down, and holidays hang on the horizon, it seems seasonal sadness and budget concerns commence. To help ease some of the stress—be it physical, mental, or financial—flip to page 36 for tips on how to “Beat the Winter Blues.” When it comes to money matters, I fully support Clint Herndon of Next Peak CPA’s suggestion of “sticking to the four-gift rule: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.” Genius!

 Finally, in “Homeless for the Holidays” (page 16), contributor Caroline Kings tackles the tough topic of homelessness by shining a light on area organizations dedicated to supporting the multilayered, complicated cause. She also shares some simple, selfless ways we can help the unhoused, like simply acknowledging their existence.

 Speaking of serving others, November’s the prime time to do so. It is Thanksgiving and National Gratitude Month, after all! Whether it’s smiling and making small talk with a stranger, donating outgrown outerwear to a coat drive, or tipping generously the next time you receive five-star service, no random (or intentional) act of kindness is too trivial to try. Cheers! 

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