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Hotel Dreams: Five-Star Comfort at Home

Have you ever wondered how your favorite hotel gets their beds so comfy or their pillows so fluffy and wished you could uncover their secrets? You’re in luck! Two local hotels shared their tricks of the trade, so you can create your own hotel-quality escape at home.

Mattresses Matter
The most important part of a bedroom is, not surprisingly, found in its name: the bed. Creating a comfortable and sumptuous bed is key to creating a retreat you can’t wait to escape to. That's why Michelle Groft, marketing manager at Sacramento’s Kimpton Sawyer Hotel (, advises you to “invest in your bedding.”

Mattresses matter


What’s the first step in creating the comfiest bed? The star of the show, the mattress, of course! Nothing can replace a quality mattress for a good night’s rest; that’s why highly rated hotels, like Kimpton Sawyer and The National Exchange Hotel ( in Nevada City invest in quality mattresses.

If you want to melt into your bed, take a page from Kimpton Sawyer’s book and purchase a memory foam mattress, which molds to your body and provides support right where your individual body needs it. It's also an excellent choice for those who struggle to get sleep because of their body temperature. Memory foam is manufactured using temperature-sensitive material, so it adjusts to your body’s heat, helping you sleep the whole night through.

The bed is the dominating feature in the room.


The secret to The National Exchange’s luxurious beds? Beautyrest Black mattresses. If you want comfort and cooling but share a bed with a partner prone to tossing and turning, this top-tier mattress is just what your sleep needs. Beautyrest Black mattresses have motion separation—coils that absorb energy and reduce motion.


Bedding Basics
If the mattress takes center stage, then luxurious linens and pillows are the supporting cast that pull the show together. How do you create a bed that begs you to run and jump into it? Top it with a duvet and the right pillows. The National Exchange’s beds are kitted out in down pillows and duvets sourced from DOWN inc., while Kimpton Sawyer dresses their beds in down-alternative pillows and duvets.

A pro tip for the plushest bed of your dreams is to double-stuff your pillows (and duvet—if you feel so inclined). The key? Buy pillows in the size down from your bed’s scale. For example, if you have a king-sized bed, stuff two queen-sized pillows in the king-sized pillowcases.


Opt for crisp-looking white or soft, neutral bedding, suggests Groft. “If you really want that hotel look, shop for a duvet cover with black embroidery design,” she says. The National Exchange uses handcrafted Mascioni Italian linens to give their rooms elegance and luxury. A bedding tip from Groft is to steam or iron your sheets after each wash. Pressing your sheets may sound like more work than you care for without a professional housekeeping team at your disposal, but it’s the key to a luxe look, according to Groft. “Plus, it feels amazing,” she says.

“The bed is the dominating feature in the room.” That’s why Groft stresses the importance of making your bed every morning. Doing so maintains cleanliness and presentation so that your room feels like a sanctuary from the chaos of life. “Since you likely don’t have room service to make your bed at home (although that would be awesome!), keep your bedding style simple,” she says. A tip to achieving a hotel room aesthetic when making your bed is to fold down the duvet one-fourth of the way from the head of the bead. Tucking in the duvet cover corners finishes off the look.

Never underestimate the power of scent in setting a mood.


Dim the Lights
Mood lighting is everything for a bedroom retreat. Kimpton Sawyer likes to set the tone for a warm welcome using soft, dimmable lights. The National Exchange also furnishes its rooms with lighting that can be adjusted for reading and atmosphere. By installing dimmer switches to overhead lighting in your main suite, you can control the brightness. Dimmers allow you to set the mood for a romantic evening or winding down for bed. "If that’s not an option, get matching dimmable bedside lamps or wall lamps,” recommends Groft.

Mood lighting is everything for a bedroom retreat.


Scented Secrets
Never underestimate the power of scent in setting a mood. Kimpton Sawyer and The National Exchange employ this strategy to help their guests relax and unwind—and so can you! Fragranced candles and diffusers are relatively inexpensive and accessible to all. Pick up a candle in your favorite scent, and for extra atmosphere, choose one with a wooden wick to crackle as it burns. Groft recommends choosing “scents like lavender, honey, or eucalyptus for a calm, spa-like feeling.”


If you still want the real hotel deal without traveling too far, consider a staycation at one of these plush local properties.
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1780 Springvale Road Placerville
Kimpton Sawyer Hotel
500 J Street
The National Exchange Hotel
211 Broad Street
Nevada City
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195 Park Street Auburn
9372 Main Street

by Nelly Kislyanka

Kimpton Sawyer photo courtesy of Kimpton Sawyer. National Exchange Hotel photo @athenakalindi69. Kimpton Sawyer photo courtesy of Kimpton Sawyer. National Exchange Hotel photo @snaptravelpops227. Kimpton Sawyer photo courtesy of Kimpton Sawyer. National Exchange Hotel photo @snaptravelpops145.