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This Month In Style: October 2023

Style Magazine – October 2023-RGBR

Style Magazine – October 2023-FEDH

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Every time I go grocery shopping, I’m baffled by the sky-high prices. It seems like overnight, the cost of everything my family of four regularly consumes (bread, bananas, peanut butter, eggs, apples, the list goes on…), quadrupled. Even a small trip results in a big price tag.

Thankfully, I have some savvy spending hacks up my sleeve (is extreme bargain hunting considered a hobby?!) that help me shave a tiny bit off the bill. Even so, at the end of the day (and month!), eating is expensive.

 But it isn’t just the supermarket that has me cringing when the credit card bill comes. Dining out, working out, childcare, a cup of coffee, car maintenance…it all adds up. And while not all these expenses are essential, they certainly help keep me sane and smiling.

 What I’ve come to realize, however, is that I don’t mind doling out dough if what I’m buying is worth the wad. In other words, if the purchase has value (beyond just the price), the quality and customer service are superior, and if I’m supporting a small business, then I’ll happily fork over the funds.

 If you, too, prefer springing for “things” that leave you feeling or looking better and from deserving mom-and-pop spots, then turn to our “Readers’ Choice Awards” (page 51), where you’ll find the region’s “best” people and places—according to the thousands of loyal readers who voted—in every category under the sun, from sushi and steakhouses to salons, swim schools, med spas, and more. Next time you need a haircut, home remodeler, handyman, or new happy hour hangout, why not give one of this year’s winners a whirl?

 And if free stuff is more your forte, you’re also in luck! There are ample activities tucked inside this month’s magazine that cost zero dollars. Check out the Calendar (page 32) for over 10 of them (including STYLE’s own Folsom Family Expo on October 14). Something else that’s always free? Fresh air! Flip to Take a Hike (page 46) for a trail near Truckee that’s overflowing with flowers and unforgettable forest views. Finally, for five free ways to make your home homier this fall, turn to “Feels Like Home” (page 58)

 Money may buy happiness (to an extent) and keep your family fed, but sometimes the best things in life truly are free—like listening to music while flipping through a magazine, soaking up the crisp autumn air on a leisurely stroll, or spending precious time with loved ones. Cheers! 

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