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This Month In Style: March 2024

Style Magazine – March 2024

Who’s the “greenest” person you know? Before my grandma passed away at 100, she was my eco-friendly idol. She didn’t drive an EV or own ENERGY STAR appliances, but she often used her feet instead of fuel, line-dried her laundry, and let minimal food go to waste (frequently foraging or growing her own). She lived on a farm and off the land, was composting and canning before it was cool, sewed clothes and quilts, and recognized the importance of repurposing and being resourceful. A meal out with her meant no crumb was left behind—from the complimentary bread and butter to the green garnishes.

 I used to look at her lifestyle as one of struggle, assuming it was a result of living through the Great Depression—when times were tough, and money was meager. Perhaps partially true, I now think her penny-pinching, planet-friendly tendencies were also sensible and smart.

 Do I personally put all my grandmother’s old-school ideas into practice? Unfortunately, no. Despite (sometimes) omitting red meat when making meals or buying used instead of new—particularly when it comes to cars or my kids’ clothing—my habits are far from being entirely environmental. I have a daughter in diapers, for goodness’ sake!

 Luckily, this month’s magazine is full of ways we can all sneak more sustainability into our lives, from gardening (“Green Your Garden”; page 56) to grooming (“The Dirt on Clean Beauty”; page 40). We also delve deep into a new trend in the realm of retail—refilleries—in “Sustainability Stars” (page 22).

 Hungry for a healthier planet—and good grub? Consider supporting our area’s only zero-waste restaurant: Omakase Por Favor. Learn more about their mindful menu and mission (teaser: it’s fully focused on reducing, reusing, and recycling every ingredient) in “A Culinary Revolution” (page 26).

Whether you’re an omnivorous eater looking to cut down on your animal intake or a longtime veg head seeking some new dining destinations, you’ll find eight good-for-you (and good-for-the-Earth) entrées in “Plant Powered” (page 94).

 In our feature, “Eating the Alphabet” (page 60), read about the region’s most delectable fruit- and veggie-forward dishes—from A (“apple” cider donuts) to Z (fried “zucchini” wedges), and every letter in between; then turn to page 18 for a roundup of beautiful, bountiful farms whose owners are committed to caring for our land and cultivating quality goods, from award-winning goat cheese to sun-ripened raspberries.

 Whatever you do (or don’t do) to help the environment, here’s to appreciating its beauty and making this year’s spring extra “green.” Cheers!  
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