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Ask the Expert: What's the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture and How Should I Care for It?

Q: What's the best material for outdoor furniture and how should I care for it?
A: Most people would say teak—and they wouldn’t be wrong—but it should be the right type of teak: certified grade A solid teak that comes from the inner 35% of the tree where the wood is denser, straighter, and stronger than the rest. It should also be kiln-dried to remove moisture, which results in high-quality wood that won’t warp, bend, or split. Aluminum and outdoor rope are also exceptionally durable and weather-friendly. It’s important that outdoor cushions and pillows are weather-resistant and covered in quick-drying fabrics like Sunbrella. One of the best things about outdoor furniture made of teak, aluminum, or rope is how low-maintenance the care is; most of it just needs occasional cleaning with mild detergent and water. If you use high-quality furniture covers during the off-season and bad weather, it will last a lifetime.

—Steve Keihner, Founder & CEO
Terra Outdoor Living
4467 Granite Drive, Rocklin, 916-888-1641,