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This Month In Style: April 2020

Style Magazine – April 2020

This Month's Feature:

Explore More Your Local Guide to the Great Outdoors

Explore More: Your (Local) Guide to the Great Outdoors

Hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, and mountain biking are just some of the true cornerstones of adventure, and we have it all right here in our backyard. Read More » 


Special Advertisers:

Camps 4 Kids 2020

Camps 4 Kids 2020

The companies featured this month are staffed by licensed professionals who love kids and enriching their lives. These camps are ready to entertain, and even educate! Read More » 


Other Highlighted Articles:

Where We Live April 2020

Where We Live: April 2020

“I love Folsom’s multitude of outdoor activities, being a part of the cycling community, shredding on the local trails, and capturing images of my friends racing.” Read More » 


The Hot List 5 Stellar Sandwitches

The Hot List: 5 Stellar Sandwitches

Looking for the perfect picnic food? Look no further than the simple sandwich—it’s compact AND packed with flavor. Take a bite out of some of our favorites below. Read More » 


The Perfect Picnic 4 Must-Make Recipes

The Perfect Picnic: 4 Must-Make Recipes

Whether you want to make the meal yourself or grab grub to go, we have you covered. Keep reading for everything you need to make your next open-air occasion a success. Read More » 


Foodie Find Flour Dust Pizza

Foodie Find: Flour Dust Pizza

Flour Dust Pizza makes their delicious pies with imported “OO” flour and San Marzano tomatoes from Italy, which adds to their authenticity (and deliciousness). Read More » 


Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine

Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine

I had my own steaming vessel of ‘hidden harbor soup’ in front of me with all its seaworthy mates—tender cod, mussels, wild prawns, salmon, and vegetables—in a chipotle-plum broth. Read More » 


Destination Fun 3 Vacation Spots Near You

Destination Fun! 3 Vacation Spots Near You

For those itching to get away without going terribly far away, we have a destination for you. Read on for our top picks of where to go, stay, and play this season. Read More » 


Party Hardy The Ultimate Shed Shindig

Party Hardy: The Ultimate Shed Shindig

We've all heard of parties on patios, barbecues in backyards, and open-air fiestas, but what about shed shindigs? Read More » 


Hello Hay Fever Understanding Allergies

Hello Hay Fever: Understanding Allergies

Seasonal hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, is extremely common in the U.S., affecting approximately 10-15% of the population. Read More » 


Introducing Colby Smith DDS at Granite Bay Dentistry

Introducing Colby Smith DDS at Granite Bay Dentistry

We offer cosmetic, restorative and implant restorative dentistry; and teeth bleaching. Read More » 


Introducing Hannah Ware at Minds Moving Forward

Introducing Hannah Ware at Minds Moving Forward

We offer customized wellness programs, personal health coaching, and professional training and consultation. Read More » 


Introducing Myriam Liberman at The Tigers Eye Skincare

Introducing Myriam Liberman at The Tiger’s Eye Skincare

We treat skin condition in people of all ages using natural services that utilize solely clay and water. We also sell skin care products to complement our services. Read More » 


Ease the Sneeze 11 Allergy Season Essentials

Ease the Sneeze: 11 Allergy Season Essentials

Silence your sinuses with these 11 allergy relievers this season! Read More » 


Spotlight On Dawn Blanchfield

Spotlight On Dawn Blanchfield

Blanchfield works in a variety of mediums: pen and ink, printmaking, acrylics, collage, encaustic, watercolor, ceramics, fiber, digital art, sewing, and jewelry. Read More » 


Not OK Project Helping Our Heroes

Not OK Project: Helping Our Heroes

The Not OK Project has a message for first responders who experience trauma in the line of duty: It’s OK to not be OK. Read More » 


Take a Hike Thunder Mountain Summit

Take a Hike: Thunder Mountain Summit

This popular trail features rough terrain that can be tough for dogs. There is a steady incline all the way up to the summit. Read More » 


10 Teens Making Their Mark

10 Teens Making Their Mark

In this year’s roundup of youthful visionaries, we spotlight some of the region’s best, brightest, and most inspiring students. In no particular order… Read More » 


Whats Up In April The Newest Awards Events and Announcements from El Dorado County to Roseville

What's Up In April: The Newest Awards, Events, and Announcements from El Dorado County to Roseville

Read on to find out What's Up in El Dorado County, Folsom, and Roseville this April 2020. Read More » 


Ask the Expert Whats the Difference Between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

Ask the Expert: What’s the Difference Between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery?

What’s the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery? Read More »