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Party Hardy: The Ultimate Shed Shindig

We've all heard of parties on patios, barbecues in backyards, and open-air fiestas, but what about shed shindigs? A little party tip: The outdoor shed is the perfect place to house smaller celebrations. With rising real estate prices and space in some cities a treasured commodity, the backyard shed is a hidden space just waiting to be utilized. Whether it’s a compact man cave for watching the big game in, or a Sunday afternoon tea spot, the shed is a blank canvas just waiting to be used. Hang décor, add tables and seating, and invite your guests to take a seat and enjoy your cool and contemporary party place.


The beauty of backyard sheds is their ability to add more living space in a quick construction time frame or easy prefab build. First, consult your local county, as many have requirements for what can be allowed square-footage wise without a permit and how far away it should be placed from the property line. Prefabricated sheds are great options for less hassle, less construction time, and for those wanting a quick addition to their backyard without the need for in-depth professional help. For homeowners looking to add a custom space that’s fit specifically for their needs, a custom shed is an ideal choice, where curated finishes, layouts, and unique applications like hidden storage or a kitchenette can all be added. No matter what, be sure to do your homework on requirements before getting started.


What’s the point of having an entertaining shed without some festive décor? Your new space is the perfect excuse for getting some exciting items that show off your favorite trends and shades. It’s also a great way to have fun with those patterned pillows or funky pieces of art you might not have room for in your main living spaces. A fun bar cart is a compact way to move the party indoors or out, while a charming pendant or chandelier hung over a small seating area is a sure way to have your guests in awe. A shed is also a perfect candidate for space-saving furniture: think upholstery with a hidden nook for stowing away winter throws, chests that can be used as both storage and bench seating, a bar cabinet that doubles as a bar and for holding festive dishware, and open-mounted shelving to store all your entertaining needs.


Use your new shed as a way to show off your unique style! Whether your prefabricated shed is begging for a bright, bold paint job or your custom one is in need of a few shutters to round out the exterior, use it as an extension of your home and take advantage of surrounding outdoor space by adding some fun design elements. A blank wall is a great place for metal artwork, while an adjoining patio is ideal for a cute bistro table or larger entertainment set. Lastly, don’t forget lighting. String some market lights overhead or go for solar-powered staked lighting to surround the exterior and provide your shed soiree with proper lighting all night long.

Let’s get the party started! What are you planning to put into your celebratory shed? 

by  Kerrie L. Kelly

Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID, is an award-winning interior designer, author, product developer, and multimedia consultant helping brands reach the interior design community. To contact her, visit or call 916-919-3023.