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Congrats To This Month’s Nonprofit Of The Month: Seniors First

In operation for 53 years, Seniors First is the largest senior service agency in Placer County. On a mission to provide long-term support and services so older adults can maintain their independence and thrive, they educate and support seniors, family members, caregivers, and loved ones of dependent seniors; and provide direct services and information about available community resources. With a single phone call, people can access a plethora of programs and services—all at no cost. Their current core programs are Information & Assistance, Meals on Wheels, Six Congregate Cafés, Placer Rides, and Telephone Reassurance.

For more information, including ways you can donate or volunteer, visit



Kate Bennett


What made you want to become a volunteer for Seniors First?
I was searching for a way to give back to the community and connect to older generations.
What do your volunteer duties entail?
Picking up meals from Seniors First and then delivering them to the homes of seniors.
Was there training required?
Yes, I was trained on the procedures when I began volunteering.
What’s the time commitment?
One day per week; a couple hours per shift.
What has been the best day volunteering so far?
Since I’ve been doing the same route for close to two years, I’ve made many connections and built friendships with some of the seniors.
What’s one of the biggest challenges?
Realizing how many people in the community need help.

Photos courtesy of Seniors First.