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229 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-472-6926,

Unidentifiable, dimly lit, and worthy of every effort it takes to find it, there is a charismatic charm to what Daniello’s has done for the Roseville community. Modeled after a true speakeasy, the era-style establishment truly transports you to a different time. 

Raindrop Salad


From the storefront façade echoing memories of tasty times from the past, to the first sip of your favorite libation, you’ll feel as though you’re living vicariously through the ages and stepping into a clandestine prohibition establishment. 

For those willing to do the work, prepare to imbibe in style and engage your taste buds in an experience that will easily hit the top of your list.

I would do you a disservice by describing step-by-step how to enter Daniello’s. What I will say is this: Get the password on their website—and go. Walk on the opposite side of the street to find the sign and enjoy the quaintly confusing experience of walking through the door and giving the store clerk the password.
Though the lounge is open to walk-ins, for those wanting to experience the full menu, make a reservation in advance. Also worth noting: The dining room is closed Wednesdays for whiskey tastings (the day we went); luckily, we snuck a spot at the bar.

Leather & Bootstraps


The ambiance of the lounge can best be described as a vintage, underground ’20s jazz bar with an open, modern kitchen. The wallpaper, lion head emblems, wood, brass, and brick—combined with the jazzy, trip-hop music—create a definite vibe few places can achieve. Essentially, I loved everything about it.
The drink menu was full of modern and classic cocktails that all sounded (and looked) delicious, but we kept it simple with a round of Old Fashioneds. While sipping the well-made, boozy beverages, we perused the simple yet highly sophisticated lounge menu—and ordered a half-dozen Shikoku Oysters to start. Served with a wasabi mignonette and lemon, we immediately regretted only ordering six. Trust me: Your inner troglodyte will beckon you to drink the mignonette.

Blueberry Pie Martini


Next, the Tomahawk Ribeye—something that stands as the best steak I’ve ever had—was wheeled out by the sous-chef, torch in hand, where a hefty serving of butter was incinerated onto the surface of the perfectly cooked slice of heaven. No need to tell them how you want this delicacy prepared; it’s only served one way: medium rare. When asked about this, Nick (my highly knowledgeable bartender), replied: “A great chef once said, ‘because there is no need to kill it twice.’” Beware, all steaks you eat henceforth may fall short of what this does to your palate.

We split the steak with a side of Pimento Cheese Grits—which added just a tad more decadence to the meal—and finished off with Crème Brûlée and a sampling of spirits being served at the private whiskey tasting.

Tomahawk Ribeye


Daniello’s piqued my interest more than most restaurants; and, after having been, I think few will match up. The style, atmosphere, and taste are worth the price tag. If you can afford even a once-a-year splurge on an incredible dinner, do yourself a favor and take a special someone. If not, just go for a drink and slip into the microcosm where underground vintage and modern collide. Come well dressed and ready to be impressed.

Crème Brûlée


Hours: 4 p.m.-midnight (Friday-Saturday); 4-11 p.m. (Wednesday-Thursday); closed Sunday-Tuesday
DRINKS: Full bar; beer, wine, & cocktails
TAB: $$$
Heads-Up: Every Wednesday they host a bourbon tasting (reservations required); their VIP program grants access to all whiskey tastings and the private bar; reservations required for the fixed menu (served in the dining room), but the lounge is open to walk-ins with its own menu; proper dress is recommended (no ripped jeans, hoodies, etc.); no cell phones and flash photography; dining room can be booked for private events; menu items change seasonally.

by Ryan Martinez  |  photos by TAYLOR ALLRED
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