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Take A Hike To Glacier Lakes Trail

Located Near:
Nevada City.

7.4 miles out and back.

Difficulty Level:

by Dannette Veale @meisdv


Know Before You Go:
A four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended, as the road in gets rough the last few miles. Expect to encounter mud and do some route finding in case of snow (GPS is advised). Bring trekking poles and the essentials (food, water, sun protection, etc.), and wear layers. Help protect our wilderness areas and Leave No Trace.

Why We Love It:
This hike offers beautiful forest views, opportunities for backpacking through the Tahoe National Forest, and an ice-cold lake for a mid-hike refresh.

photos by Myrtle & Marjoram


Fuel Up:
Once home to the town telegraph office and stagecoach stop, you’ll find locally sourced, sustainable eats inspired by “the great wild west and a shine of European finesse” at Lola (—a historically hip restaurant sited inside The National Exchange Hotel. 

How to Get Your Vehicle Unstuck

Last year, on a trip to the Valley of Fire State Park, I (embarrassingly and very mysteriously) managed to get my car completely stuck, high centered, and buried in soft sand. Here are a few things to know should this ever happen to you.

Stop when you first get stuck (don’t spin your wheels).  Don’t get high centered; this is when you dig yourself so deep your car is supported (from the chassis) by the dirt you’ve dug yourself into. Stop spinning your wheels before you get here.

Build traction. Get out and identify which wheels are spinning. Find rocks, branches, anything you can use to build traction. If you have traction pads, now’s the time to use them. You may need to dig a path for the tires.

If you’re with someone, have them push the car forward while you wiggle the wheel side to side to gain traction. Press the gas gently. Again, stop if your wheels start to spin.

If you have a way of filling the holes your wheels are in, jack up your car and fill the holes, build traction, and drive off.

You can release about 15 PSI (max) from your tires to increase the surface area of the tire and help gain traction. DO NOT RELEASE MORE THAN THIS.

Use a winch if you have one.

Call the park/forest/highway patrol services if nothing else works.
Just in case, the number for the USDA Forest Service Tahoe National Forest Supervisors Office is 530-265-4531.

by Ryan Martinez
Photos 1, 2. & 5 by Dannette Veale @meisdv. Photo 3 by Kelly Cronin. Photos 4 & 6 by Evelyn Cayaban @evecay_outdoorlover & Ann Alejandria @buffles12. Lola at The National Exchange Hotel photos by Myrtle & Marjoram.