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We Tried It! BLISS Detailing

As the owner of a small SUV with two young kids, the only cleaning my car typically receives is a speedy drive through Quick Quack.


Needless to say, prior to my detail service, the interior was overflowing with graham cracker crumbs, Goldfish, muddy footprints, dried puke, peanut butter-stained leather seats, and all the other quintessential evidence that toddlers (think they) rule my roost. The outside wasn’t faring much better either. Weathered paint, lackluster wheels, and an overall dull appearance had my Lexus RX 350 looking more drab than fab.


Never had I ever gotten my car detailed before, so going into the experience, I had zero idea of what to expect. But from the initial conversation with Armand Myburgh, owner of BLISS Detailing, to the final farewell, my experience went above and beyond anything I could’ve imagined. As a stay-at-home (and work-from-home) mom, it was particularly convenient that BLISS is mobile and came to me!


I opted for the “Elite Small SUV” package—a $348, seven-hour service that comes inclusive of the following:


·   Vacuum and wipe down, spot stain removal, leather conditioning, interior UV inhibiting dressing applied

·   Foam bath

·   Deep wheel clean and sealant

·   Chemical decontamination (iron remover)

·    Manual decontamination (clay bar treatment)

·    One-step paint enhancement polish to remove swirling, light defects, increase gloss and color depth 40-50% enhancement (two-step is available for additional cost for 70-80% enhancement)

·    Six-month sealant application


From the prompt, professional correspondence to the thorough, immaculate detailing job, and ease of the experience, I can't recommend BLISS enough. Armand did a STUNNING job and left no detail undone. When finished, my car was sparkling (inside and out)—looking even better than the day I drove it off the lot.


What’s more, Armand is a genuine person who takes pride in his work, has a true passion for what he does, and values customer service.


If you’re looking for a five-star detailing experience from the comfort of your driveway, then book a service with BLISS today—and tell them Megan at STYLE sent you!


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By Megan Wiskus