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Mar 01, 2013 08:03AM ● By Style

Photo by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

Describe your business. Did you find it, or did it find you?

We found our business in Hawaii, but our cravings followed us home. When we moved here from Boston and Los Angeles four years ago, we couldn’t believe there was no shaved ice to be found; it’s so hot, it seemed like the perfect place!

How are you involved with both the community and your customer?

One of our favorite parts of working in El Dorado Hills is serving at the local schools. We love getting Ziploc bags full of change from the kids who save up all week for Shiver’s Day! We also volunteer at harvest festivals, sporting events and end-of-the-year parties; one of the most rewarding aspects of the job is being able to give back a percentage to schools. We also donate to the Firefighters’ Association Wine, Cheese and Brew Festival each year, which is a highlight for us. It’s a really happy product, and we love chatting with people about it. There are some true shaved ice enthusiasts out there, and it’s fun to see how excited they are to find it close to home.

What life accomplishments are you most proud of?

Geneva: Marrying my husband and raising three beautiful children.
Erin: Marrying the person I married – it changed everything for the better.

Where do you go when the going gets tough?

Geneva: Silky Nails
Erin: Yoga

What’s your favorite place to eat out locally?

Geneva: Sky Sushi – The Go Girl roll is yummy!
Erin: Nugget Market. I think I should pay them rent because I practically live there.

And finally, customer service is…?

Geneva: The lifeblood of any business!
Erin: Delivering a complete, quality product that leaves people happier than you found them.

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