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Oct 07, 2010 07:49AM ● By Style

Q: I find it difficult to stick with a workout plan on a daily basis. How do I overcome this lack of motivation and get the energy to maintain a consistent schedule to stay toned and healthy?

A: Whether working out in a group or a private setting, motivation, plain and simple, is driven by amazing results! Finding activities that hold your interest, or that you would like to learn more about, will energize your spirit and turn your workouts into a lifestyle. Setting goals is just as important as incorporating activities into a healthy cross-training routine. Stay committed by scheduling your workout. Make a date with yourself or with your friends, and have fun with it! In the end, seeing is truly believing. When you see yourself achieving your goals and getting the results you work so hard to obtain, it will truly motivate and reward you!

Stacey Armijo, Owner
The Dailey Method

1611 Lead Hill Boulevard, Suite 100, Roseville

Q: What are some good techniques for grilling fish?

A: The most important starting point is to get a very fresh piece of fish. Swordfish, opah, and ahi tuna are a few that work really well on the barbeque due to their firm texture. Ensure your barbeque is set to a medium heat and the grill is brushed with oil. I then recommend brushing the fresh fish with a mixture of butter, garlic and dill. It’s the perfect complement to the fish without overpowering its natural flavor. For great results, brush one side of the fish with the mixture and place it on the grill. Let the fish cook until it appears to be approximately halfway done (you will see the color change in the fish, which means it’s cooking), then brush the other side with the mixture, flip, and cook approximately half the time of the previous side. You want to find the balance of cooking thoroughly (unless you are doing ahi tuna) without overcooking and drying out the fish.

Ed Jayousi, Owner
Fins Market & Grill

8680 Sierra College Boulevard &
721 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Roseville
916-783-5200, 916-782-1400