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Roseville, CA 95678

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Monday 11:00 am 7:00 pm
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Reiki - Reiki is an ancient healing practice that supports healing for the body, mind, and spirit. It works very well with other types of healing systems, including traditional western medicine.

The name Reiki (pronounced ray-key) comes from the combination of the Japanese words: "Rei"- meaning universal or spiritual, and "Ki" - meaning energy. Together, the word "Reiki" symbolizes a universal/spiritual energy that flow through each of us. In practice, Reiki is a Japanese treatment technique used for: stress reduction, relaxation, healing, and balancing one's own energy/life-force. Through relaxation and the calming of the body, natural healing can occur at a much faster and effective rate.

The Reiki technique is practiced through the use of hands placed on or near the body to channel, move, and direct energy that has become trapped. Depending on who you ask, Reiki can be used as a meditation path, a practice, a spiritual resource, or a treatment that promotes good physical and mental health. Reiki improves one’s life by encouraging healthy changes that are transformational and empowering. Finally, many who practice Reiki do so under the philosophy that unconditional love is the catalyst that sparks healing, understanding, happiness, and growth.

Why use Reiki? Reiki: • Works on the cause vs. the effects of stress and illness. • Speeds the healing process of physical injuries, accidents, operations • Releases blockages while promoting balance and harmony at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. • Releases anxiety and stress to promote relaxation and peace. • Reduces tiredness while vitalizing the body. • Transforms old beliefs into new ones. • Can lead to greater results in personal empowerment, higher awareness, and enlightenment. • Can help to heal a broken heart and a heavy soul. • Works synergistically with traditional therapies and modern medicine.

Raindrop Therapy - Therapeutic essential oils are dropped raindrop style along the spine about 6 or more inches above the client’s body. The procedure uses 9 quality essential oils and blends. The oils feel like gentle drops of rain resulting in a balance of the body, aura, and energy centers as they move into alignment with one another.

Why use Raindrop Therapy? Raindrop Therapy: Supports the entire human body's flow of energy Facilitates the detoxification of stagnant energy and physical tension Reduces and relieves discomfort Promotes relaxation and results in overall optimal health and well-being.

*Light massage, Reiki, and other oils may be added depending upon the intention.


First and foremost, Tina Ginnetti is a healer and you would be lucky to have her work on you. When I first began seeing Tina years ago for treatment, I was a mess. I was always sore and tight all over, and that kept me negative, skeptical, and pessimistic. I didn't want to believe anything would work until it did. After several treatments, I noticed significant results in my health and general well-being. Tina's treatments have helped me resolve issues with my Digestion, Migraines, Pain (back, neck, shoulders, wrists, feet) High levels of stress. Not only did Tina's work help me treat areas where I experience pain, she personally helped me identify and correct issues that I wasn't aware of. Once I found out the causes of my tension, I was able to correct my actions before they pushed me to those physical breaking points. And its amazing how your whole attitude can change once you're no longer in constant states of pain. I know people with the same wear and tear I have experienced, and they take pills or drink a six-pack every night just to get that brief moment of peace in their muscles. The problem with medication is that it fixes nothing. You need treatment if you are going to address the cause and find relief. I've seen several other physical/alternative therapists in my years and travels, but many have left me with nothing memorable or worth sharing. Incidentally, that has led to one of my biggest peeves- spending good money to get a treatment and feeling like the therapist is simply going through the motions. If you want to heal what's really hurting you, go see Tina at A Healing Garden. I promise you that there is no one who can fix you in just an hour, but if you give her the time, Tina can get you where you need to go.

Submitted on January 28, 2020