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Action Day Learning Center

400 Stafford St. • Folsom • 916-985-0976
6822 Kenneth Ave. • Orangevale • 916-988-9689
9371 Elm Ave. • Orangevale • 916-988-9633

Action Day Learning Center offers a safe nurturing environment for your child’s early learning and development.  Our non-institutional, family-owned and operated schools have been teaching students in the area for over three decades.

We are committed to providing a fun-filled, rewarding program that balances each child’s intellectual, physical, social, creative and emotional needs.   Action Day Learning Center provides childcare of the highest quality, stressing a safe, secure environment; a nurturing, professional team of staff; and the finest educational experiences. Please join us for a learning adventure that will be invaluable to you and your child. We have two locations in Orangevale and one in Folsom directly across from the entrance to the city zoo.