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DeVons Fine Jewelers

1151 Galleria Blvd, Roseville

DeVons Jewelers is a multi-generational family tradition of fine jewelry started by the Merksamer family in 1929 in Sacramento, California. Still headquartered in its hometown, DeVons operates ten fine jewelry stores in Northern California and Nevada.

Our philosophy has always been to put our customers first by providing unsurpassed service and selection. We are proud to offer the highest quality bridal and fashion jewelry, large selections of loose diamonds, and unique styles not found elsewhere. In addition, our sales staff is expertly trained and passionate about providing the education and information you need when purchasing diamonds and other precious items.

Unlike most jewelers, DeVons avoids the so called "branded" jewelry and bridal lines that most retailers carry. Although we have tried them in the past, we believe they do not offer the best values for our customers. Jewelry brands spend an enormous amount of money on marketing and advertising their own merchandise which can add as much as 30% to the cost over and above the actual metal and diamond content. DeVons has been in the jewelry business for over 90 years and continually seeks out the very highest quality designers and manufacturers of bridal jewelry. We utilize numerous international and domestic designers that we have used for decades as well as prominent new designers who offer the most beautiful and innovative styling possible. We go directly to the source, always hand selecting styling that is distinctive and unique. We do the same with our diamonds, buying directly from international manufacturing site holders or direct growers in the case of laboratory produced diamonds. Every diamond we purchase is examined by DeVons experienced diamond buyers. When you choose your jewelry from DeVons you are taking advantage of our multi generational history of understanding how to bring the best quality, styling and values to our customers.