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Day in the Life of Lisa Hausmann — President of Mercy Hospital of Folsom

Unlike many other industries, hospitals are a 24-hour-a-day operation, so trying to understand what goes on in a typical day could be a challenge. But like any great medic, Lisa Hausmann, president of Mercy Hospital of Folsom, uses her warm bedside manner to explain every procedure.

Please tell us about your story so far.
I began my journey as a skilled nurse, a path that paved the way for my two-decade tenure within the health care industry. My passion for patient care fueled my desire to take on leadership positions. In January 2020, I assumed the role of chief nurse executive/chief operating officer, then in April 2022 I was appointed to my current role as CEO/president. I’m married to Dan and am a mom of three: Ireland, 15, Declan, 8, and Easton, 5. We live in Folsom and are involved in numerous sports clubs; my husband is often coaching baseball and basketball, and I love cheering on the kids.

Wow, impressive! So, you’ve literally risen through the ranks. Does that help or hinder you in your current role?  
Help, I would say. My nursing background and experience provide a great “team” perspective. I have empathy and understand the unique challenges of various roles and how the departments fit together, [which allows me to] dive right into issues and offer support.  

Tell us about a typical working day.
I’m at my desk anywhere between 6-8 a.m. My job has a clinical component and a business component, and I spend a lot of time working through areas of focus like finance, HR, quality of care, patient safety, and patient experience. We have goals at both the system and local hospital level [and are always] striving to make continuous improvement. Community is important at Dignity Health, too, which includes working on community initiatives, attending functions, and serving underrepresented communities. I’m also a mentor, helping others with their professional growth and development. I’m home anywhere between 5-8 p.m. but am sometimes on call. If I’m not working, I’m spending time with my family.

Lisa Hausmann; Photo by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup.


What’s the most enjoyable part of your day?
The protected time in my calendar—every day between 9-10 a.m.—where I visit patients and staff at the hospital. I love that connection with patients and team members; the conversations aren’t always light or positive, but are still valuable.

Tell us more about your community work.
I'm proud to serve on the Folsom Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Our hospital takes pride in engaging in various community volunteer activities. We sponsor major events like the Folsom Women’s Conference, Folsom Pro Rodeo, and Folsom Community Service Day. Every month our staff visits Powerhouse Ministries—which helps families struggling with abuse, addiction, or poverty—to cook a meal. It’s interesting; we feel as though we’re going to provide something but come away feeling as though they’ve provided us with something. We met a pregnant woman one month who had questions about her baby’s upcoming delivery and were able to connect her with the resources and people she needed ahead of her due date.

We can’t talk about a hospital setting without touching on the pandemic. Please tell us about your experience in the hospital.
Alongside 9/11, the pandemic is one of those moments in history I’ll never forget. Mercy Hospital was one of the first hospitals in California to accept patients. I remember the all-night shifts and how we had to be flexible. The volume of communication was insane; it was an evolving situation, as the CDC learned more and more about the virus. We had to think outside of our normal way of doing things and delivering care; we had to be flexible and resilient. The team consistently rose to the occasion, and I couldn’t be prouder of the frontline.

There are an increasing number of women in senior positions in medicine, which is great. How do you help the next generation?
As we see more women and younger people in executive positions, it’s important to recognize they bring a unique perspective and have a unique voice. I try to empower them to embrace that voice; I tell them it’s OK to be different and good to be authentic. Break the mold! 


Coffee shop:
Sociology. Their coffee is amazing, and I love the energy and atmosphere.

Mexican cuisine is my favorite, and I love the enchiladas, street corn pizza, and Cadillac margarita at Brissa & Co. The owner, Brissa, has poured her heart and soul into the restaurant, and it has an incredibly authentic feel—from the aesthetic to the bakery. I love that it’s family-friendly but also makes for a perfect date night.

There’s a trail at the end of our cul-de-sac in Empire Ranch that is a perfect place for early morning or sunset walks with our kiddos.

Way to unwind:
Nature. There’s something about being outdoors that instantly quiets my mind and helps me to be present. I love beaches and national parks and tend to gravitate toward water destinations (lakes, ocean, rivers); however, sitting in the grass on a sunny day watching my kids play sports also makes for a perfect day.

by Caroline Kings
Photo by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup. Photo by Britt Honey Photography.