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Eat Green: 3 Eco-Friendly Eateries

Climate change is becoming a more pressing issue every day, especially in California with its raging wildfires, incessant drought, and devastating atmospheric rivers. However, there are actionable steps you can take to further the fight against climate change, like choosing to support sustainable restaurants. Wondering which local places prioritize environmentally conscious practices? Keep reading to find out!


Located in Historic Folsom, Sociology Coffee Bar ( is a perfect place to sip delicious coffee without worrying about your personal impact on the environment. Sociology utilizes materials like paper, agave, and hay—as opposed to plastic and Styrofoam—in their to-go boxes, drink cups, and utensils. To roast their beans, the café works with a company that specializes in electric, vent-free coffee roasters that prevent an equivalent to 100,000 miles worth of vehicular emissions from being released into the atmosphere. Not only is this café the epitome of a sustainable business, but it also serves delicious coffee and wholesome meals in a welcoming space.



If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food with a tasty twist, stop by Dos Coyotes ( In addition to serving a variety of Hispanic dishes in its many locations throughout the region, the restaurant is a leader in environmental initiatives. Each Dos Coyotes branch features compostable take-out containers made from sugarcane, utensils and drink lids made from bioplastic, along with using water-conserving faucets and dishwashers. What’s more, the café demonstrates its dedication to sustainability by partnering with organizations such as the Cool Davis Initiative , whose mission is to inspire the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to a changing climate, and improve the quality of life for all.

Dos Coyotes



Minimizing plastic usage isn’t the only way restaurants are practicing sustainability, though. Rocklin’s Zest Kitchen (, a paradise for plant-based eaters, is doing its part by avoiding all animal products in its unique meals. Like its name implies, Zest’s food is not only flavorful, but its minimalistic approach makes the restaurant quite refreshing. Moreover, all the staff are extremely friendly and motivated to practice sustainability as they cherish the earth, love animals, and want to maintain their business’ transparency. Zest makes sure to minimize the amount of plastic it uses by opting for to-go boxes made of biodegradable materials, as opposed to traditional Styrofoam boxes that are served at most restaurants. In addition, they use paper cups for soups and solely reserve plastic-use for sauce cups and to-go utensils.


Zest Kitchen


Although the climate crisis has been worsening in recent years, all hope is not lost because of the notable efforts of various businesses. Be sure to stop by and support these spots to play your part in helping combat the climate crisis.


Submitted by “Team Plastiglomerate,” a group of Vista del Lago students who participated (and was one of the grand-prize winners!) in SMUD’s YES (Youth Energy Summit) 2023, a climate and sustainability conference where local high school juniors and seniors spent three days learning about a “Zero Carbon Future” and then executing a community project.