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Incredible Pets: People & Their Pets

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts—and these pictures prove it. Paws for a moment as you peruse this pictorial of local animal companions.

Belle enjoys her daily walks, especially if they involve water.  She loves taking dips in the American River, Folsom Lake, and Lake Natoma whenever she gets the chance!”—Carol Ritter



Nani is a five-year-old mini-Australian shepherd who loves hiking and camping, especially when there's a big group of kids. She makes it her job to keep everyone together! She’ll talk your ear off (if she doesn't lick it off!). When it comes to water, she gets a 10/10 for diving and swimming and can even paddleboard. We love her huge smiles when she's romping around in nature, and she's the best companion to our active kiddo. They're two peas in a pod!”—Jaymie Smith



“Brothers Legolas and Gimli are 10-year-old West Highland white terriers. They’re big loves with lots of energy and even howl like wolves!” —Jill Phifer

Legolas & Gimli


Sunny will do all her tricks from puppy school at the same time (and without any commands!) to get a treat. She’ll eat just about anything but pears and hates getting into cars but loves the destination (especially sunrise hikes). She’s incredibly smart and enjoys being with her human family. We love her so much!”—Diana Loo



Princess Willow Ann (the kitty between the two stuffed toys) is a purebred Bluepoint Siamese. She likes sitting on the back of the couch and looking out the window at the hummingbirds feeding. She usually sleeps most of the day, but tries to keep me up all night by playing and jumping on my bed.”—Jonnie Froyd

Willow Ann


Rocco is a very energetic Maltipoo who identifies as a schnauzer. He loves sitting on the laps of all humans who are in his presence, and also enjoys watching Rumble videos and dice games. We’re thankful to have him as our fur baby. In this photo, he’s modeling a handmade sweater from Esther at Pure Barre El Dorado Hills.”—Jeni Angileri



Annie is a four-year-old standard poodle who’s in training to be a PTSD service dog. She had five homes before she was two years old but finally has her forever family. When not working, she can be found chasing squirrels and hanging with her RRUFF Dog Park friends.”—Vicki Curtis



Mavie is a two-year-old rescue who is finally living his dream life. His favorite things to do are play the ‘one, two, three cookie game,’ shred paper towel rolls, and go on snuffle walks. We love him so much!”—Bonnie & Gary Wagner



Charley is a three-year-old labradoodle. We saw her baby picture—and her soulful eyes—and it was love at first sight. She’s perfectly imperfect, spoiled rotten, and loves long car trips (where I even ride in the backseat; her human dad says it’s like Driving Miss Daisy).” —Pam & Rick Copeland



Harper Mae is a two-year-old rescued pitty. She’s very attached to her toys and bounces around like a goat! Her best friend is our blind Siamese cat. They play every morning upon waking up. We adore everything about her funny personality and are lucky she rescued us.”—Kathy & Terry Raymond

Harper Mae


Biscuit Banana is a seven-year-old West Highland terrier. Her special trick is clapping, and she also knows how to catch a stray fly when it’s trapped indoors. She loves bananas and snuggling, and we love her sweet, gentle personality.” —Michelle Viray

Biscuit Banana


Bella is a 10-year-old border collie. She’s incredibly smart (she knows the names of over 20 of her stuffed animals!), loves playing Frisbee, chasing bubbles, hiking, and swimming at the lake and ocean. When we go to the park, she’ll go up the stairs and down the slide at the playground. She travels everywhere with me, helps me in so many ways, and is so loved.”—Kelli Ashcraft



Dolly Sue is a two-and-a-half-year-old Pommy-poo (half Pomeranian, half poodle). She loves stealing things she knows she’s not supposed to have, then appearing right in front of me with it in her mouth. As she waits, she hopes I’ll say, ‘Drop it!’ so that she gets a treat! Funny thing is, when her brother, Peanut, hears those words, he comes running hoping for a treat as well. Both Dolly Sue and Peanut have saved me, keeping me going after my husband passed away last year. “—Mary Murphy

Dolly Sue


Michael, our fluffy ragdoll cat, is full of personality! He loves attention, playing hide-and-seek, and watching the birds from his window perch.”—JoAnn DeLise



“I got Polly as a rescue, and she was a typical mini-English bull terrier—always making me laugh. Sadly, she passed away about a year ago at 14-years-old.” —Barbara Hotchkiss



Josie loves hanging out (and eating everything, but especially carrots) in our garden. She also enjoys movie night because of her other favorite food: popcorn. One of her other favorite things is chasing squirrels in our backyard. She runs our house and knows it. She’ll turn 11 this year, and we cherish every moment we can with her."—Hale Family



Blue, our husky, had two previous homes before being rescued from the streets and saved by El Dorado County Animal Services. She ran right to the fence when we got out of our car and did well when introduced to our much older black Lab at the time. Almost a year and a half later, we drove to a shelter in Apple Valley and met Inka, who had been rescued from a hoarder of 40 dogs.  It took months for her to adjust to us and her permanent home, but as the photo shows, she and Blue are fast friends and the four of us are a very happy family.” —Sharon & Steve Caputo

Blue & Inka


Corkie was rescued from El Dorado County Animal Services 14 years ago. She loves her squeaky toys and even though the puppy trainer told us, ‘No more than five,’ she has 30 and plays with them all. When we even think about removing one, it’s like she has ESP and it becomes her favorite from then on! She’s the reason I wake up in the morning—not just because I love her, but she insists on a 5:15 a.m. dental chew. She was Miss July one year in the ‘Canines on Main’ calendar put out by The Bookery. She loves the daily walks SHE takes ME on and has her favorites on the walking trail. I struck gold when she agreed to come home with me!”—Judy Geister



Teddy likes chicken but not Taco Bell sauce. She’s a fashionista who loves to dress up and wear different outfits. She won’t go to bed without pajamas!”—Annie Puska



"Paisley is our two-year-old ‘super mutt’ that lives for fun in the sun. As soon as our screen door opens, she darts for her Big Joe floaty to ride the waves. "—Nate Fistner


“Eleven-year-old Hershey Kisses and three-year-old Coca Cola love swimming, playing together, and spending time in the great outdoors. Both girls make me laugh every day.” —Wendy Lowes

Hershey Kisses & Coca Cola


Piper is a pure English Lab who’s even-tempered, gets along with all people and animals, and loves to hike (she’s probably logged over 100 miles in her lifetime!). She’s not much of a lovey, cuddly dog but always wants to be near her pack. Considering how she loves to graze in the grass and could care less about playing fetch or swimming, she acts more like a goat than a Lab! Indigo is a mutt (a chihuahua mix of some sort) and the opposite of Piper, personality-wise. She can’t get enough love and snuggles, doesn’t mind other animals (but would rather be with her humans), and could play fetch and swim all day long.”—Emily Roberson & Simon Wiesner

Piper & Indigo


Vinny is older so, naturally, way more relaxed than Enzo, who often gets the zoomies, tearing around like a Tasmanian devil. Enzo also likes to burrow and bury himself under blankets, and Vinny tries to uncover him. They get along fabulously, and their best trick is singing/howling together. Enzo visits our elderly friend at the care home next door every day.”—Kelly Leitzell

Vinny & Enzo


Cody always reminds me to get up and move from my desk, since I work remote. He loves to go on shady walks.”—Misty Wells



Minnie loves chasing and being chased by her brother, Biscuit. They play hard and sleep harder!” —Marie Gonzales

Biscuit & Minnie


“After four pedigreed shih tzus, Dolly is our first rescue (we adopted her from Foothill Dog Rescue after her extensive one year ‘rebuild’ and recovery after being hit by a car). She had one eye removed and reconstruction of her hips and pelvis necessitating dedicated therapy by a foster caregiver. She now bears no sign of her near-fatal experience and is a devoted, loving, sweet reminder that dogs can teach us so much about strength and courage.”—Karen Bookey



Henry and Frannie Lou are my snuggly, rambunctious beagles. They’re mostly known by friends and family for their silly personalities. Frannie can be very jealous and protective and talks with a lot of fiery emotion! Henry, on the other hand, is a big cry baby for snuggles and often uses his heartbreaking beagle bay howl to get what he wants.”—Dana Fedor

Henry & Frannie Lou


Eddie is a three-year-old goldendoodle. She goes to work with my husband most days and everyone at his shop loves her; she knows who has treats for her! Right now, it’s butterfly-chasing season (actually, butterfly-shadow chasing!), which is hysterical to watch!”—Cyndi von Tress



Moose likes to be carried like a baby and is the sweetest dog!”—Rick & Amy DeGraca



Gus came from a local Folsom rescue and was saved from a hoarding situation. Now he travels to Cabo once a month, regularly goes to the dog park, and has tons of friends. He loves the ocean, vacationing, Mom, and Frankie the cat.”—Jackie Sellitti



Nutella is 11, loves to walk (she can go for hours), and only understands words in Spanish (vamos, agua, comer, arriba). Her favorite foods are apples with peanut butter and chicken soup. She was found in a trash can in Mexico when she was a puppy and brings so much joy and love to our lives.” —Klaudia Silva



Hank is a German shorthair pointer that loves all food, but especially bacon. He’s active, loves the beach and swimming, and can always be found with his people. He also snores like a human. We adore him, because he’s incredibly sensitive and loving.”—Shaunn & Danielle Petrosine



Lenny Bruce is a two-year-old silky terrier who loves his ball but hates car rides. He’s super cuddly and especially loves neck kisses. He’ll wake us up in the morning throwing his neck on our mouths trying to get some loving.”—Nico Bonvouloir & Michael Park

Lenny Bruce


Coco loves the beach, taking hikes, and playing ball. She’s a rescue and is a very happy and devoted girl.”—Deb Doyle



Sheldon and his big sister, Harper, are the most loving family members and particularly enjoy snuggling (a lot!). Sheldon likes to go on Facetime and moves his head from side to side to let you know you have his full attention. Harper is the understanding and mellow big sister, who thinks all problems can be solved by a ‘toy.’ She’ll quickly bring you one if she thinks you’re hurt or ‘crying.’” —Maryann Martinez Lansangan

Sheldon & Harper


Finnegan and Lilywen (Lily) are the best of friends. They’re ambassadors for local nonprofits by participating in 5K walks. Although they’re not actually siblings, they act like it. If you ask, Lily will say she’s the boss. They bring immense joy to my life.”—Margaret Ervin

Finnegan & Lilywen


Benny James is a friendly cat who will approach anyone, adores attention, and often purrs when being pet. He’ll let anyone dress him up, whether it be in sunglasses, a hat, or a shirt. He likes sleeping, eating, looking out the window, and spending time with family, but dislikes perfume, lollipops, deodorant, and sitting on people’s laps.”—Gabby Montes

Benny James


Gucci and Doyle became brothers last year, and their special tricks are jumping on a boogie board in the pool to be together, running around the yard while both holding the same stick, and welcoming anyone they see with kisses. Their favorite foods are sprinkled dog cookies and pig ears. They’re incredibly quirky, make everyone laugh at their goofiness, and are both a bundle of joy.” —Angie Elliott

Gucci & Doyle


“Ten-year-old Hadley and two-year-old Riley are my rescue Keeshonden and amazing companions. They love going for walks and food, but most of all getting lots of love and belly rubs!”—Linda Rodenspiel

Hadley & Riley


Trixie’s favorite things are homemade fried rice, car rides, and outdoor adventures. She has a unique way of greeting each member of our family, gets jealous when I talk to people during Zoom meetings, and is a world-class squirrel chaser. Delivery drivers and big dogs are her worst enemies, and she’s the best at knowing when you’re sad (she’ll come right over and deliver her best loves!).”—Jaime Berry



Sunny is our four-year-old, almost 80-pound, quiet, sweet, lovable golden retriever. She’s picky about her food, but for certain treats she’ll do all her tricks to get them. There’s no person or animal she doesn't like. She sleeps much of the night with us and will watch us until we wake up and then put her face next to ours to be pet.”—Mila Allen



“We adopted Sweetie Pie, a Maltese/Yorkie mix, when she was a few years old. She lives up to her name—until a large dog is near, and she thinks she’s a rottweiler and goes crazy.”—Sherree Cossaart Wilson

Sweetie Pie


“Six-year-old Bunjamin loves the outdoors and floating in the pool!”—Wendy Lowes




By Kourtney Jason
Not all dogs will love the dog park or being out and about in public; some get triggered around too many humans or other dogs. Here are some tips and reminders to help you manage your dog’s personality when you’re out of the house.

Be present. Always keep an eye on your dog, paying attention to their comfort level, and look for signs of stress and bullying if they’re overstimulated. Make sure you know when to take your dog home.

Be considerate of others. Understand the leash rules/laws wherever you go. Be cautious as you enter and exit dog parks, practicing proper techniques at double-gated parks.

Be proactive. We all know dogs get excited, will bark, and can jump on people. Make sure you know how to communicate with your pup to dissipate the excitement level.

Pick up their poop. Don’t be that person who isn’t prepared with baggies to clean up after your dog.

Pack supplies and treats. Made in Rocklin, Campfire Treats ( are all-natural, bite-sized dog training treats. Non-greasy, odor-free, and small enough to fit comfortably in your hand or pocket, they’re perfect for training (or praising!) on the go.


By Kourtney Jason
Your pup will have a blast at these community events centered around canines.

April: Doggy Dash
Head to William Land Park for the annual Doggy Dash. Following the 2K/5K dog walk is a “Bark in the Park” festival featuring food, drinks, games, prizes, adoptable dogs, and more.

May: Woof Wine & Dine
Held in Roseville’s Vernon Street Town Square, the event offers delicious food samples, wine tasting, a raffle, music, and more. All proceeds benefit Placer SPCA in their efforts to find loving, forever homes for Placer County pets in need.

October: Bark ‘n’ Splash
Bring your canine companion to Folsom’s Steve Miklos Aquatic Center for a day of fun at this annual dog swim event. The entry fee is $10 per dog (subject to change), and human companions are free. Attendees must provide written proof of their dog’s current animal license.

October: Barktoberfest
This fun event focuses on four-legged family members with contests and games, dog-friendly vendors, a biergarten for adults, canine contests, live music, and more.

Year-Round: Meetup Groups
Find gatherings for anything from group dog walks and breed-specific mixers to adoption events and dog hikes.


By Kourtney Jason
Saying goodbye to your pet is painful, but grief is proof of the love you had for your furry friend.

Passing With Dignity
The passing of your pet should be tender and thoughtful. Sara Nadolski, DVM, (known as “Dr. Sara”) provides caring and comfortable at-home pet euthanasia, cremation, and consulting services to pet lovers in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Rescue, Placerville (excluding Swansboro and Somerset), Camino, Diamond Springs, El Dorado, Lotus, and Coloma.

Rachel’s Pet Portraits
Rachel is known for her pet painting events throughout the region. She lists the event dates on her website, and as soon as you purchase your ticket and send her a photo of your pet, she creates a high-quality drawing of them onto canvas that you then paint during the event. She also does commissions and can transform pictures of your pets into painted masterpieces (including customized shoes!).


By Kourtney Jason
Let Rover run around and meet other furry friends at these local dog parks.

Ashley Off-Leash Dog Park
1601 Auburn Ravine Road, Auburn
  • Off-leash park within Ashford Park
  • Two separate spaces designated for large and small dogs
  • Shade structures
  • Benches
  • Waterfall for dogs to cool off in
  • Pond and picnic areas (leashes required)

Auburn Ravine Dog Park
1300 Green Ravine Drive, Lincoln
  • Separate sections for large and small dogs
  • Water spigots
  • Shade from mature trees
  • Tables

Bear Dog Park
1565 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Roseville
  • Off-leash park within pet-friendly Mahany Park
  • Two separate sections for large and small dogs
  • Agility equipment
  • Walking trails
  • Dog rinse station
  • Benches

El Dorado Hills Community Park
1021 Harvard Way, El Dorado Hills
  • Separate areas for large and small dogs
  • Fully accessible to people of all abilities
  • Bark base (soft on dog’s paws)
  • Ample seating
  • Water fountains with dog access

FIDO Field Dog Park
1775 Creekside Drive, Folsom
  • Off-leash park within Cummings Family Skate & Bike Park
  • Separate play areas for large and small dogs
  • The park is closed for maintenance every Wednesday

Foskett Dog Park
1911 Finney Way, Lincoln
  • 42-acre park
  • Approximately 23,000-square-foot private dog run
  • Grass
  • Double entrance gates
  • ADA accessible

Hacienda Dog Park
3395 Hacienda Road, Cameron Park
  • Fully shaded
  • Kiddie pools available
  • Separate areas for large and small dogs

Hughes Dog Park
1600 Parkside Way, Roseville
  • Fenced park with a small dog area
  • The park is closed every Thursday for maintenance

Marco Dog Park
1800 Sierra Gardens Drive, Roseville
  • Fenced, off-leash dog park
  • Hilly terrain
  • Fire hydrants
  • Open turf space
  • Trees
  • Water fountain

McBean Dog Park
65 McBean Park Drive, Lincoln
  • 24-acre park
  • Approximately 12,000-square-foot private dog park called “The Bark Park”
  • Separate, enclosed play areas for large and small dogs
  • Dirt
  • Big trees
  • Benches
  • ADA accessible

RRUFF Dog Park
5480 5th Street, Rocklin
  • Off-leash park inside Johnson-Springview Park
  • Fenced area with artificial turf
  • Concrete pathway
  • Large shade structure
  • Benches


By Kourtney Jason
Enjoy dining al fresco with Fido at these spots with extra pet-friendly patios.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar
Lazy Dog’s “dog menu” features a complimentary bowl of water, as well as a grilled hamburger patty bowl or grilled chicken breast bowl. 300 Palladio Parkway, Folsom, 916-378-4660; 238 Gibson Drive, Roseville, 916-727-6321,

University of Beer
On Saturdays and Sundays at University of Beer, expect a free doggie food bowl with your purchase of any regularly priced burger, sandwich, or wrap entrée. Must be seated on the patio. 1009 East Bidwell Street, Folsom, 916-909-2337; 6815 Lonetree Boulevard, Suite 101, Rocklin, 916-918-8048; 1516 Eureka Road, Roseville, 279-900-8223,

Wally’s Pizza Bar
Wally’s Pizza Bar gladly welcomes furry friends on their shaded outdoor patio with misters and fans to keep everyone cool during the hot summer months. 4079 Cameron Park Lane, Cameron Park, 530-677-5205,

More Pet-Friendly Patios

Anatolian Table, 6688 Lonetree Boulevard, Suite 400,  Rocklin, 916-772-3020,
Auburn Alehouse, 289 Washington Street, Auburn, 530-885-2537,

The Canyon Grill & Alehouse, 9580 Oak Ave Parkway, Suite 8, Folsom, 916-987-8700,

That Dam Place, 1013 Riley Street, Folsom, 916-790-8182,

Farmhaus, 8230 Auburn Folsom Road, Granite Bay, 916-772-3276,

Folsom Tap House & Sports Bar, 25005 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 140, Folsom, 916-292-5711,

Four Sisters Café, 9050 Fairway Drive, Suite 165, Roseville, 916-797-0770,

Gold Dust Pizza, 20 Eureka Street, Sutter Creek, 209-267-1900,

High-Hand Café, 3790 Taylor Road, Loomis, 916-652-2064,

Katrina’s Café, 456 Grass Valley Highway, Auburn, 530-888-1166,

Milestone, 4359 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 116, El Dorado Hills, 916-934-0790,

The Monk’s Cellar, 240 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-786-6665,

Placerville Public House, 305 Main Street, Placerville, 530-303-3792,

Relish Burger Bar, 1000 White Rock Road, El Dorado Hills, 916-933-3111,

Sienna, 1480 Eureka Road, Roseville, 916-771-4700; 1006 White Rock Road, Suite 200, El Dorado Hills, 916-941-9694,

Skipolini’s Pizza & Pasta, 191 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, 916-355-8555,

The Fat Rabbit Public House, 825 Sutter Street, Folsom, 916-985-3289

compiled by Megan Wiskus
Pet photos courtesy of their respective owners.