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Evan Chin, DC, & Allison Land, DC at Balance Chiropractic Family Wellness Care

2310 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Suite 110, Roseville,
@balancefamilychiro, @balancefamilychiro95747

Services or products you offer: Pediatric, pre/postnatal, and family chiropractic care.

What you enjoy most about your profession: Empowering our community to play an active role in their health.

Fun fact about your company: Our logo is an elephant, which is a powerful being that thrives in community; this is the foundation of Balance Chiropractic.

You started your business because: We wanted to create a healing space for families to grow together.

Customer service is: Valuing every person who enters our practice.

Most memorable experience as an entrepreneur: Witnessing the construction process of our office from start to finish.

First job: YMCA summer camp leader (Allison); a family-owned fish market (Evan).

Favorite food: It’s a toss-up between sushi and burritos.

Favorite local restaurant: MoJoe’s Café/Kitchen 747.

Favorite small business: Westpark Yoga & Movement.

When not working, you can be found: Enjoying the outdoors or exploring our local food scene.

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