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Woods, Winnemucca, and Round Top Lakes Loop

Located In:

4.7-mile loop.

Difficulty Level:
Moderate to hard (depending on snow conditions).

Shelley Faust @photographyfaust


Know Before You Go:
With the ample amount of snow last season, this may be a snowshoe hike—even come summertime. Check conditions, plan accordingly, and dress appropriately for the terrain and weather (layers, proper footwear, etc.). Most people prefer to do the loop clockwise. As always, leave no trace.

Why We Love It:
From snow-capped mountains to superblooms, this trail boasts plenty of beauty and connects to other trails, too, offering the option to backpack (a wilderness permit is required for overnight camping). Going for a cold plunge in warmer temps is always enjoyable, too!

Fuel Up:
If you’re heading up on a Saturday or Sunday, stop by The Market on Main (@themarketplacerville) for a breakfast of champions: biscuits and gravy, a “Bagel Bar” featuring locally baked sourdough bagels alongside an array of toppings, hot coffee from Placerville-based Genesis Roasters, and more. In the mood for lunch food? They also serve an array of empanadas, pretzel bites, a chicken bake, and more. Cozy up on their cute patio and toast to small-town charm and big-hearted hospitality.

The Market on Main top photo by Taylor Gillespie


4 Pros of Trekking Poles

Prevent postholing. During snowmelt season, trekking poles can be an effective way to prevent postholing, or stepping through the snow and potentially scraping your leg, or worse, twisting your ankle.

Improve balance and stability. By having two extra contact points on the ground, you can prevent slipping on icy terrain and increase balance on uneven ground.

Reduce stress you your knees. When using trekking poles, you relieve some of the stress on your knees and ankles by distributing part of that weight onto your arms.

Increase endurance. Trekking poles will relieve stress on your legs, which will increase your endurance by preventing fatigue. Even more, they may help your pacing and bring some speed gains over long distances.

by Ryan Martinez
Photos 1 & 3 by Shelley Faust @photographyfaust. Photos 2 & 4 by @silveredsage. Photo 5 by @travelsinprisa, The Market on Main top photo by Taylor Gillespie; bottom photo courtesy of The Market on Main.