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The Bee’s Knees: 11 Buzzworthy Honey-Flavored Foods

This spring, we’re swarming honey-honed cuisine. From un-bee-table beverages to snacks with a sting, here are 11 dishes we can’t help but wax poetic about this season.

Hotel Sutter Restaurant; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


We love a full-course meal as much as the next person, but sometimes all you need is a shareable Charcuterie. Enter Hotel Sutter Restaurant, which offers a rotating selection of cured and smoked meats and cheeses year-round. No matter when you go, you’re sure to enjoy a savory selection that’s a mix of local favorites and European gastronomy. Every board comes with brown mustard, cornichon pickles, pistachios, crostini, and wildflower honey. 53 Main Street, Sutter Creek, 209-267-0242,

Thai Paradise; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


Looking for a food experience that’s just plum delicious? Head to Thai Paradise for one (or more!) of their appetizers that come with a simple, sweet honey plum dipping sauce. If you’re craving some crunch, go with the Fresh Spring Rolls featuring alfalfa sprouts, carrots, lettuce, and cilantro wrapped together in rice paper. Want something hardier? Earn your wings with the Angel Wings—deep-fried deboned chicken served with silver noodles. Or keep it classic with the Fried Thai Spring Rolls.  Whichever option you choose, dip in! 2770 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, Folsom, 916-984-8988,; 4361 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 110, El Dorado Hills, 916-939-0389,

The Independent Restaurant and Bar; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


Since 2011, The Independent Restaurant and Bar has served unique American fusion fare. This is the place for a night of cozy dining, lively drinks, and creative dishes. A perfect example of this is the Salmon Avocado Burger. Picture a mouthwatering, six-ounce premium salmon patty with avocado and all the trimmings. So, what’s the secret ingredient that takes this burger to the next level? A generous drizzle of citrus honey dill aioli. It brings the delicate, fatty flavors of the salmon to life. Just don’t forget to order extra on the side for dipping your turnip fries into. 629 Main Street, Placerville, 530-344-7645,

Snooks Chocolate Factory; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


Honey is perfect for offsetting strong, savory flavors or citrusy notes, but sometimes you want honey for what it does best: be sweet. If you always have room for dessert, prepare to add the Honeycomb from Snooks Chocolate Factory to your cravings. This Folsom favorite takes their homemade honeycomb squares and bathes them in gourmet milk or semi-sweet chocolate. Get them by the box or in an assortment with some of Snooks’ other classic treats; and if you’re just here for the honey, you can buy the honeycomb candy plain and undipped. 731 Sutter Street, Folsom, 916-985-0620,

Sunny Garden Restaurant; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


We don’t know about you, but no Chinese takeout is complete without an order of the ultimate comfort food: Honey Walnut Shrimp. If you agree, then family-owned Sunny Garden Restaurant has your back. They execute this Cantonese dish with perfection, thanks to crispy battered shrimp that are tossed in a creamy, honey-infused sauce; and, for a touch of crunch, walnuts. In our opinion, the dish speaks for itself, but if you want the full Sunny Garden experience, add egg fried rice, garlic string beans, and lemon chicken for a shareable feast you won’t soon forget. 25085 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, 916-983-8882,

South Fork Grille; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


If you’re a fan of Land Ocean and Sienna but haven’t tried South Fork Grille yet, what are you waiting for? The third restaurant brand created by Mark and Karoline Platt, you can count on this husband-and-wife team to deliver on classics like a lunchtime Reuben or juicy filet mignon at dinner. But when it’s happy hour, we must give it up for the Fowler’s Rock Gold Rush—a drink that slings together Elija Craig small-batch bourbon with fresh lemon and simple syrup made from locally sourced honey. Un-bee-lievable, indeed! 4364 Town Center Boulevard, El Dorado Hills, 916-458-0206,

Mexquite; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


For connoisseurs of Latin American cuisine, it’s no surprise that Mexico corners the market on honeyed desserts. To get a taste, make a “beeline” for Mexquite in Folsom. We’ve sung their praises in the past for their impeccable tequila library and authentic entrées, but today it’s all about the desserts. While they serve honey with many of their after-meal delights, the Mexquite Bunuelos get a standing ovation. Ready for your mouth to water? Fill up on a platter of fried cinnamon-sugar flour chips drizzled with condensed milk and honey. Oh, and don’t forget the vanilla bean ice cream on the side. 25095 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, 916-984-8607,

Sienna; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


Some foods are destined to be together. Like macaroni and cheese. Or peanut butter and jelly. But the ultimate soul mates might just be honey and bacon. We never tire of this combination, whether on a breakfast platter or the Honey-Bacon Brussels Sprouts at Sienna. The sweetness of the honey softens the smokiness of the bacon, taking this vegetable straight to the top. As if that wasn’t enough, creamy goat cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts, and balsamic round out the edible ensemble. Talk about a symp-honey of flavors. 1480 Eureka Road, Roseville, 916-771-4700; 1006 White Rock Road, Suite 200, El Dorado Hills, 916-941-9694,

Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


No bacchanal would be complete without a libation from the cocktail menu at Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro. For the buzziest refreshment on the list, bow down to The Vulcan: Goddess of Fire. This sensory sip’s name takes inspiration from the ancient Roman god of fire, including volcanoes, metalworking, forging, and deserts. As the name implies, this drink has a sting to it, thanks to a combination of tequila, jalapeños, fresh grapefruit and lemon juice, and a spoonful of honey. Chilled to perfection, it makes a fiery pairing with any entrée. 1004 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, Folsom, 916-984-7500,

Shangri-La; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


Are you seeking a backyard utopian escape? Book yourself a table at Shangri-La. Picture a place with an award-winning, palm-lined patio and bocce ball courts. As you settle under a shaded umbrella, you’re handed a rum-punch slushie as vibrant as the tropical flower centerpiece on your table. When you think it can’t get any better, your food arrives. Bite into the Fried Mary’s Chicken: a deboned half chicken with cabbage slaw, pickled onions, a black pepper biscuit, and chili honey glaze. Tender, succulent, and plated with just the right amount of sweet and spicy, it truly is the bee’s knees. 7960 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, 916-241-9473,

Mehfil Indian Restaurant; Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group


The Singh family believes cooking and food are a celebration of life—a way to spend time with loved ones and share traditions and culture. It’s also the philosophy behind their family eatery in Roseville: Mehfil Indian Restaurant. Here, you’re encouraged to dine family-style, sharing plates of naan and comforting curries, including favorites like butter chicken, chana masala, and vegetable korma. Of course, when it comes time for dessert, one dish reigns supreme: Gulab Jamun—deep-fried dough balls sumptuously soaked in an irresistible homemade honey syrup with a whisper of Asian floral spices. 1605 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, 916-791-1199,


The Beeswax Store, 7751 Nicolaus Road, Lincoln, 714-725-2062,

Bywater Hollow Lavender, 5950 Mount Vernon Road, Lincoln, 916-316-0062,

El Dorado Honey Co., Shingle Springs,

Mandarin Hill Orchards, 2334 Mandarin Hill Lane, Penryn, 916-663-3852, 

Miller Honey Farms, 80 Geraldson Road, Newcastle 701-485-3350, 

Nastase Honey Farm, 1338 Sego Lane, Lincoln, 916-834-8645,

Resting Bee Face Co., 2332 Sonata Drive, Rancho Cordova, 916-400-9770,

by Pauline Arroyo  |  photos by TAYLOR GILLESPIE

Photos by Taylor Gillespie © and wholly owned by Style Media Group—please don’t steal our copyrighted photos. For more information about our editorial photos, please click here to contact us