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Erica Baldwin Photography: Folsom Family Photographer

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When I was a kid, I always had a camera in my hands…I can’t tell you how many pictures of flowers, random landscapes, or my cats that I had laying around and I’m sure the people at the 1 Hour Photo knew me by name. Countless disposable cameras, and as I got older real film cameras and rolls upon rolls of film. And now?  Now, it’s my daily life! 

On any given day you’ll find me photographing a beautiful couple starting their lives together at their wedding; celebrating with all of their closest friends and family. When I’m not capturing a new family, I’m capturing growing families that are celebrating a life they’re bringing into this world, with pregnancy announcement photos and maternity shoots. Sometimes the new life my families are bringing home have four paws and a tail rather than 10 fingers and 10 toes! I’ve recently been volunteering my time at a local cat shelter as well, so that their adoptable kitties have beautiful photos to help them find their fur-ever homes. It fills my heart with joy! Some days I get to be one of the first to see a newborn baby boy or girl (or both!). It’s an honor to photograph their birth, their arrival announcement, and to celebrate the joy (and exhaustion) that it all brings. I even capture all life stages of families. Those whose babies are all grown up and graduating high school and are off to explore life as an adult in college. 

When I was in high school, around 16 years old, I was looking through some old family photos and found this amazing photo of my grandpa that I had never seen before and my passion for photography suddenly all started making sense.  Apparently, he was a photographer as well! His favorite muse was my grandmother, of whom he took countless photos. I have tons of fun vintage photos from their early life together, sun bathing at the beach, showing off impressive views whilst leaning against the cool car of the era they were driving across the country. He even took his camera with him when he was deployed as a Sergeant during the Korean War, taking pictures both around the base and also while out during missions.  I’ve found photos of his Army brothers playing cards to pass the time, photos of locals that were friends, several types of military vehicles and planes, and even photos of a boxing match or two.  Turns out he was a multi-talented artist, as my mom then showed me some beautiful sketches he had done (some while he was in the hospital just before he passed). I wish I had gotten to meet him, but while he sadly passed when my mom was 16, I still feel like I get to know and be connected to him through photography.

Grandpa Ralph


Grandpa Ralph


There was a lot that became clearer to me, the more I browsed his photographs. I knew that my love for photography was in my blood, perhaps destined to be a part of my life, and I am lucky enough to call it my chosen career.  As I create memories of life's beautiful moments for my clients, I wonder if someday my grandkids or great grandkids will find my photos or my cameras and be inspired as well. Only time will tell. 

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Kenzie and Cole engagement session by Erica Baldwin Photography.