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Where We Live: February 2022

“Love, creativity, and opportunity is in the air. Take it in and do your thing.”
—Lenny Kravitz

Photo taken by Karen Schmautz of Sierra Springs Photography, @sierra_springs_photo @sierraspringsphotography



5 Fun Facts

1) Fossil evidence found in Colorado suggests that roses have been in existence for at least 35 million years; the oldest living rose is 1,000 years old and grows on a wall of Germany’s Hildesheim Cathedral.

2) The Rose Bowl Parade started as a procession of flower-covered carriages in 1890 as a celebration of California’s mild winter climate.

3) The fruit of a rose plant is known as rose hip and is a good source of vitamin C.

4) There are about 100 species of roses—which vary in color, shape, and climate preference—but hybrid tea roses are the most common.

5) Wondering which color to give in your next bouquet? Red roses signify "love," pink ones "grace," peach "modesty," yellow “friendship,” and orange "fascination."