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Ask the Experts: How Can I Best Prepare My Child for Preschool?

Q: How can I best prepare my child for preschool?
A: Here are some easy ways to help ease the transition:
•    Start to let your child make decisions by giving them a couple of choices, such as what to wear.
•    Teach your child to be self-sufficient when using the restroom.
•    Read to your child; the more vocabulary they hear, the better their speaking and communication skills will be. Children also learn to become better readers by example.
•    While driving, sing the ABCs, point out signs and name their shapes, play games such as “name that color,” and/or point to names of stores and sound out the first letter.
•    Write simple words on index cards and hang them on the appropriate object, such as “door” or “wall.”

There’s a world of opportunity all around us—at home, driving, and even at the grocery store. The greatest advice I can give a parent for preschool readiness—besides helping them academically—is to be kind! Build a relationship with your child that has a foundation of respect and love. When children are caring and compassionate, the learning comes easy.  

—Jennifer Tommasini, Owner
The Gift of Kids, 5130 Golden Foothill Parkway, El Dorado Hills, 916-521-1835,