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Beer for Breakfast: 5 Best Coffee Brews

Foam Walker by Moonraker

Quality coffee and craft beer are all the buzz, so it only seems natural to combine them. The offerings that follow pack a caffeinated, boozy punch, ensuring good flavors and good times.

Perfect Blend
ABV: 6.5%
BREWED BY: King Cong Brewery, 1709 Del Paso Boulevard, Sacramento, 916-514-8041,

Perfect Blend By King Kong Brewery


TASTING NOTES: A myriad of roasted malts create the body and flavor of this porter that boasts a chocolaty flavor with fruity notes. Naked Coffee—curated single-origin organic java roasted in Sacramento—was added after the boil of the brewing process and fermentation to create a rich coffee flavor that shines through in every sip.

What’s Up Mr. Cheezle!
ABV: 14%
BREWED BY: Slice Beer Co., 665 6th Street, Lincoln, 916-408-6889,

What’s Up Mr. Cheezle! by Slice Beer Co.,


TASTING NOTES: This decadent pastry stout—made in collaboration with Bottle Logic Brewing in Anaheim—boasts an array of specialty malts, whole Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla beans, and vanilla-flavored java from Klatch Coffee. Expect flavors and aromas of brownie batter, chocolate fudge, fresh-roasted espresso, and vanilla sorbet.

Foam Walker
ABV: 8%
BREWED BY: Moonraker Brewing, 12970 Earhart Avenue, Auburn, 530-745-6816,

Foam Walker by Moonraker


TASTING NOTES: Frothy, dark, and silky, this nitro coffee stout boasts a British-style base of dark malts with a special Moonraker blend of fresh-roasted Valiant Coffee. The addition of vanilla beans, sea salt, and a dose of nitro changes the beer into a salted, foamy cold brew that can be enjoyed year-round.

French Press
ABV: 6%
BREWED BY: Hillenbrand Farmhaus Brewery, 5100 Virginiatown Road, Newcastle, 818-714-0078,

French Press by Hillenbrand


TASTING NOTES: Made with Finca La Merced Guatemala beans from local favorite Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, this dark, malty beer boasts a smooth, creamy mouthfeel accentuated with a luxurious coffee aroma and finish. Lower in alcohol compared to other coffee-infused beers, it’s a prime pick for lovers of lighter-bodied but full-flavored ales.

Cold-Steeped Jamaican Blue Mountain
ABV: 11%
BREWED BY: Moksa Brewing, 5860 Pacific Street, Rocklin, 916-824-1366,

Cold-Steeped Jamaican Blue Mountain by Moksa Brewing


TASTING NOTES: For this cold-steeped series, Moska’s brewers took an imperial stout and matched it with a single-origin coffee roasted by San Diego's Mostra Coffee, which was awarded the title of “2020 Micro-Roaster of the Year” by Roast Magazine. For this iteration, they also introduced some incredibly rare Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from Mavis Bank in Jamaica. The result is a beer with rich, complex cacao flavors and aromas that linger on the palate.


Beer was known as the breakfast drink in England prior to the early 1800s. Why? Water was usually contaminated, and coffee, tea, and hot cocoa weren’t widely available; plus, beer delivered the carbs needed to power through the day.
Source: Chowhound

by Megan Wiskus

Mug of beer illustration ©~ Bitter ~ - Slice Beer Co. photo by Anna Wick of Anna Wick Photo. Other beer photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.