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Denise Bogard, M.D., FAARFM, ABAARM at Bogard Health - Well Aging Med in Roseville

508 Gibson Dr., Ste 290  //  Roseville
916-781-4300  //

Dr. Bogard has a long history in the health field. From an RN to a nurse anesthetist to an anesthesiologist, she spent almost 40 years in the operating room. She was exposed to critical care, trauma, obstetrics, lots of on call hours and sleepless nights. As she entered her 50's she found her own health starting to decline and sought out a healthy aging physician. After experiencing the benefits she sought out the fellowship of regenerative and healthy aging through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
She opened an office in 2014 and continues to grow and expand her knowledge into this evolving field of medicine. Rather than prescribing medications and bandaging diseases she looks for the "root causes" and integrates each system in the body together. She also looks at environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors which result in "dis-ease". Her continued and expanding practice utilizes bioidentical  hormone replacement, thyroid and adrenal optimization, GI healing, testing for heavy metals and IV nutrition and chelation, advanced lipid testing, and advanced blood sugar testing.