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Khyber Restaurant

1014 Riley Street, suite 1 Folsom, 916-790-8999,  916-221-4304 

Khyber Restaurant was my first foray into Afghan food, and usually, when perusing an unfamiliar menu, I quiz the server endlessly until they say, “Just try this!” Because this review was done with curbside pickup, I didn’t have that opportunity before placing my order. Fortunately, I was able to order some incredible food through their website, which made the process effortless and spared the patience of another innocent server.

Qabeli Polaw


 I ordered shoor nakhood (or shornakod), a traditional appetizer of cooked chickpeas, sliced potatoes, and white vinegar—served with an herbaceous homemade sauce. I’ve heard this dish referred to as the potato salad of Afghani food, as it is popular fare at picnics and social gatherings.

  I then went with a more familiar entrée: steak kabob. The beef kabobs was grilled to medium-rare and served with beautifully delicate, long-grain basmati rice and also highlighted with yellow saffron basmati. The marinade of yogurt, turmeric, and spices was very light, allowing the flavor of the meat to come through. The kabobs also come with naan bread (another favorite) and a refreshing tomato salad.

Bolani with Yogurt and Coriander Chutney


 I also ordered the bolani, a thin, almost tortilla-like bread grilled to a crisp and filled with seasoned potatoes and green onions. If, like me, you’re not familiar with bolani, I recommend giving it a try. It’s lighter than pizza and more flavorful than a tortilla. The serving was enough to feed at least two to three, and probably four, which didn’t deter me from trying to finish it all. The entrées came with fresh yogurt and cilantro chutney, which were both excellent on the bolani.

  The restaurant is spacious enough for large parties, and the staff was very accommodating and helpful. Khyber Restaurant is a welcome new addition to my culinary travels—make it one of yours, too!

Steak Kabob with Naan and Tomato Salad


Editor’s Note:
This review was completed by using curbside takeout during the Shelter-In-Place MANDATE

Hours: 11a.m.-10 p.m. (Daily)
Try This: Kabobs, Bolani, Qabeli Polaw
Drinks: Wine
Tab: $$
Heads-Up:  When dine-in options resume, look for live music night; spacious restaurant, can accommodate large groups.

by Lorn Randall  //  photos by Menka Belgal