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Florentine Trattoria

10505 Fairway Drive, Roseville, 916-299-5195,   

There’s one fact you can count on in this current environment of over-the-top, gastro-fad dining: We love Italian food. In spite of the low-carb/keto diet phenomenon, Americans still eat Italian cuisine as often as once a week—likely more if you include pizza. Even with competition from large-chain establishments, family-owned trattorias have enjoyed long-term success in our area. With that in mind, I welcome—with fork in hand—the arrival of Florentine Trattoria in Roseville.

Gnocchi alla Genovese

Having dined here on a previous occasion, I was anxious to have their foccacia bread and cheese butter (the recipe is a well-guarded secret). The soft, warm, aromatic bread and secret cheese butter, with a glass of chianti, might be enough on most nights—but not this one. I followed with the prawns sorrento appetizer: six jumbo shrimp served in a light cream sauce composed of lemon, butter, and wine. “The sauce makes an excellent bread dip,” the menu states. Yes, it does, but don’t forget about those beautiful shrimp. 

For entrées, I sampled the gnocchi alla genovese and veal saltimbocca. “Everything is made in-house,” said my server, and after my first forkful that became apparent. The gnocchi had the texture and flavor of an Italian nonna’s family recipe and was nestled in a fragrant, flavor-packed basil pesto sauce.

Veal Saltimbocca

Saltimbocca (definition “jumps in your mouth”) is a dish of thinly sliced veal—either rolled and wrapped or laid flat—with prosciutto and provolone in a marsala sauce. The “bundle” is then coated with flour and lightly fried in olive oil. It’s my go-to Italian comfort food and Floretine Trattoria’s version was one of the best I’ve had. As the namesake alludes to, the tender slices of veal and provolone coated in the silky marsala sauce absolutely jumped into my mouth…repeatedly. 

I looked over the dessert menu and decided on the hazelnut tartufo: a perfect pick for a single serving. The sphere of hazelnut gelato with an espresso gelato center was coated in hazelnuts, not overly sweet, and the ideal ending to my mouthwatering meal.

Bring your family and tell your friends: There’s a taste of Tuscany in Roseville that’s the real, authentic deal. 

Hazelnut Tartufo

by Lorn Randall
photos by Menka Belgal

Hours: 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.; 4:30-8:30 p.m. (daily)

Try This: Prawns Sorrento, Florentine Deluxe Pizza, Filet Mignon, Veal Saltimbocca, Tortellini Carbonara, Linguine Clams, Wild Mushroom Lasagna, Gnocchi alla Genovese, Tiramisu  

Drinks: Beer & Wine 

Tab: $$ 

Heads-Up: Outdoor dining; vegetarian and gluten-free options; banquet room; bar seating; pastas and casseroles are served with your choice of soup or salad and dinner entrées include pasta and vegetables; kids’ menu; all pastas and sauces made in-house; award-winning clam chowder (Fridays only)