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Celia Remy, M.D.P.C.; Vitality Premier Clinics

8735 Sierra College, Ste. 200  //  Roseville  //  916-797-1131

Doctor Remy and her staff sincerely thank our patients for the honor of voting Vitality a Best Med Spa and Best Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures 11 years in a row!

Dr. Remy’s philosophy: “What matters most to me, is that we bring the best of ourselves and our industry forward to our patients. My staff and I must be extremely well educated and trained, we must never compromise the patients’ best interest, never lose sight of our integrity and always be accountable for treatment outcomes. We owe our patients’ no less, as they have honored us, by entrusting us with their care.” 

Dr. Remy is an executive board member for the CACS, a faculty educator and speaker in advanced techniques for facial & body sculpting, as well as RF and laser technologies. Vitality has been involved in clinical studies, has improved protocols for RF technologies, and provided data to the FDA. She was chosen as one of the top 100 injectors of facial fillers nation wide. 

Vitality combines the fields of Regenerative, Stem Cell and Aesthetic Medicine.  This combination has enhanced our cosmetic procedure results, and opened the door for  multi-center stem cell clinical trails. Those stem cell studies showed that greater than 95% of patient's saw significant improvement in joint pain, autoimmune disorders, COPD and Diabetic neuropathy. So exciting!

Our services offered at Vitality:

Liposuction & Autologous fat transfer

Stem Cell & PRP procedures

Skin tightening - face, neck and body, RF & plasma energy

Facial sculpting

Genital rejuvenation & Bladder leakage treatments

O-shot, P-shot

Complimentary consultations