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Ask the Experts: What Type of Kitchen Layout is the Most Functional?

Q: Are window treatments necessary in newer homes?
A: As technologies change, modern building materials have become more energy efficient and many windows have extra protection for energy savings and UV protection, but they’re rarely a substitute for window coverings. The protection you receive from window treatments can be experienced year-round. In winter, when your home loses heat through exposed glass, interior window shades act as a buffer to keep the heat in and the cold out; come summer, the heat and harmful ultraviolet (fading rays) can be blocked with quality window treatments. What’s more, they add to your home’s value and interior beauty, too.

—Jeannie Noll, Designer & Owner

Blind Spot Blinds & Shutters

6624 Lonetree Boulevard, Suite 500, Rocklin 


Q: What type of kitchen layout is the most functional?
A: It’s really about how you use your kitchen. Most pro chefs I know love a galley kitchen, because it eliminates the amount of steps needed to be efficient. With today’s kitchens being the “hub” of the house, however, they’ve become a gathering space, so an “L” shape with an island provides a similar efficiency and tend to be the most functional. They allow for a workflow around the island—especially if you have multiple cooks—and give more space for appliances, a sink, or extra counter space. 

—Jenny Levitsky, Designer & Owner

Ultimate Designs

451 Main Street, Suite 3, Placerville