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This Month In Style: July 2019

Style Magazine – July 2019

Online Exclusives:

New Kid on the Block 10 Baby Must-Haves

New Kid on the Block: 10 Baby Must-Haves

When it comes to welcoming a wee little one, the gear and gadget options are endless. We reviewed “10 Baby Must-Haves” that all new parents will want to purchase pronto. Read More » 


PlacerGROWN Berries Are In Season

PlacerGROWN: Berries Are In Season

It’s a “berry” nice time of year at local farmers’ markets, because we’re starting to see a wide variety of the sweet little jewels of nature. Read More » 


This Month's Feature:

People and Their Pets In Folsom Roseville and Placerville

People and Their Pets In Folsom, Roseville, and Placerville

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts. Paws for a moment as you peruse this year’s roundup of local animal companions, and be prepared to gush over the cuteness. Read More » 


Other Highlights:

Whats Up In July The Newest Awards Events and Announcements from El Dorado County to Roseville

What's Up In July: The Newest Awards, Events, and Announcements from El Dorado County to Roseville

Read on to find out What's Up in El Dorado County, Folsom, and Roseville this July 2019. Read More » 


10 Farms To Pick Your Own Produce

10 Farms To Pick Your Own Produce

The rain and sun have worked their magic and now our region is bursting with amazing produce. Head to one of these farms for the cream of this season’s crop. Read More » 


Take a Hike At These 3 Dog-Friendly Trails

Take a Hike At These 3 Dog-Friendly Trails

Local resident Debbi Preston has penned four dog-FRIENDLY HIKING books, including 57 Dog-Friendly Trails in California’s Foothills and the Sierra Nevada and “Tails” from the Trails. Read More » 


Spotlight on Zuo Dan Ting

Spotlight on Zuo Dan Ting

Zhuo Dan Ting, aka Ms. Ting, was coined “China’s First Lady of Tattoo” by CNN after opening one of Shanghai’s top tattoo shops. Read More » 


Welcome to Paradise 5 Island-Inspired Dcor Ideas

Welcome to Paradise: 5 Island-Inspired Décor Ideas

Check out these five island-inspired ideas to create your own coastal haven—sunscreen optional. Read More » 


Hidden Lake Tahoe 20 Best-Kept Secrets

Hidden Lake Tahoe: 20 Best-Kept Secrets

Summers in Lake Tahoe are a Northern California rite of passage. Here are a few secrets we’re willing to share, but remember: Mum’s the word! Read More » 


The Independent

The Independent

“The test of a chef is serving perfect pork chops, especially double cut, and this one was as good as it gets.” Read More » 


Good Spirits 4 Refreshing Gin Cocktails

Good Spirits: 4 Refreshing Gin Cocktails

Light, botanical, and versatile, gin may just be the perfect summertime spirit. Toast to the season with one of the following recipes. Read More »