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PGR Solutions: Liberate. Educate. Relate. Flourish!

PGR Solutions

Liberate. Educate. Relate. Flourish!

1101 Investment Blvd. Suite 125  •  El Dorado Hills

916-932-1219  •

The key to serving is to be mission oriented.  Our mission at PGR Solutions is clear – it is to liberate our clients from all aspects and the stress of financial concern.  We strive to be your personal or family life planning team through education and we deliver our unparalleled service through a relationship that lasts a lifetime so that you may live intentionally and flourish with a purpose. 

Liberate. Educate. Relate. Flourish.  We do this by focusing on people and we start with our own.  If our people are taken care of then our relationships with our clientele will thrive.  At PGR we take a team approach to properly manage and serve our clients.  This approach allows us to manage our relationships comprehensively. Enabling our clients the freedom they deserve to focus on their own personal or family life objectives. 

We believe the only way to achieve these personal and family goals alongside our clients is through long-term, mutual relationships with like-minded people. 

PGR is a local, veteran-owned, fee only Registered Investment Advisor that focuses on financial life planning for individuals, families and small business 401(k) plans.