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Ideal Life Financial Advisors

Ideal Life Financial Advisors

Dianna Laney, ChFC®, CRPC®, Wealth Manager
Jim den Dulk, Wealth Manager

2240 E. Bidwell St.  //  Folsom  //  916-235-4646  //

CA Insurance Lic #0E98966(Dianna), #0547506 (Jim)

At Ideal Life Financial Advisors we truly believe that life is about more that just money. We aspire to help all of our clients live a happier, healthier and better quality of life.  The road to achieving a better quality of life begins by defining your values and your goals. Our job is to help you attain your definition of an ideal life based on what matters to you. Once our goals have been more clearly defined, we can then set out a plan to help you create that ideal life by using a system of processes that help to give you the tools to pursue those goals. We are passionate about what we do. Learn more by calling 916-235-4616.

We help you live the ideal life by:

*Aligning your financial choices with your most important goals and deeply held values.

*Helping you get your entire financial house in order and keep it that way forever.

*Giving you confidence that no matter what happens in the markets, the economy, or the world, you will be on track towards your goals.

*Freeing up your time so that you can focus on the things in your life that are more important that money.

Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Services are offered through Ideal Life Financial Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Tax preparation and Accounting services are provided by Ideal Life Tax Advisors. Ideal Life Financial Advisors, LLC, and Ideal Life Tax Advisors are separate, affiliated entities. Services for each entity are independent of one another and are governed under a separate engagement agreement for each entity.