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Mathnasium: The Math Learning Center

Sacramento, El Dorado & Placer Counties  |  916-983-6222  |

Thank you Style Readers for recognizing the unmatched quality that Mathnasium brings to math instruction in the greater Sacramento area! Starting with a single learning Center in Westwood, California, the Mathnasium method has spread to 900 centers nationwide, including 10 centers in and around Sacramento. So when you enroll your child in your local Mathnasium, you are part of a nationwide movement towards excellence in math for everyone!

We teach basic math facts through first-year calculus in a friendly, fun environment where students earn prizes for working hard. An initial assessment determines exactly what a student knows about math and generates a detailed curriculum which can advance the student one grade level in just 10 weeks, at less than $10 per hour. All the student needs to do is show up (that’s on you, parents!) and try. We take care of the rest.  

Students don’t really hate math; what they hate is feeling stupid. Enrollment in Mathnasium can change all that, because when students succeed in math, their confidence soars! Parents are always surprised when their students beg to go to Mathnasium because it’s “fun”!  So give your child a chance and enroll today at the Mathnasium Center nearest you!