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Serene Scenes with Jerry and Jeannie Courter in Folsom

May 31, 2017 04:59PM ● By Heather Becker

Jerry and Jeannie Courter paint serene scenes of local landscapes using warm palettes of oils and soft, dreamlike imagery. Both educators, the couple met while taking a master’s level school counseling course. Now retired, they’ve discovered their mutual passion for painting. “We’re best friends and able to [partake in] a wonderful learning experience...we enjoy painting together because we share ideas on how our pictures are progressing.” Members of the Folsom Arts Association, the duo displays their work at the Sutter Street Artists Gallery and The Bag Lady.    

HLB: How did each of you become the artist you are today?  

Jerry: In my youth, I didn’t really have an appreciation for art—my focus was on athletics. As I got older and began to widen my view of the world, I began to appreciate art but never considered producing it until my wife retired and we began oil painting classes at Kirk Miller Art Studio.

Jeannie: I’ve loved art from a young age. My dad and grandmother were both amateur artists and supported my interest of drawing. As an adult, I raised three children and taught in elementary school, where I focused on using art as a medium to instruct children in all phases of curriculum. I retired five years ago and began oil painting—using many of my dad’s paints and brushes.

HLB: Are there advantages or challenges to both being artists?

JERRY AND Jeannie : We’re able to share our frustrations when one of us feels we aren’t progressing, and fortunately we’re able to critique each other’s work when help is needed. We enjoy sharing our thoughts regarding which pictures to paint or what to do [with them]. Our challenge has been changing our mind-set from how little we know to how much there is to learn.

HLB: What’s your personal style? 

Jerry: I don’t believe I’ve developed a style yet. I enjoy the challenge each picture brings. I’m also enjoying the process of continually adding tools and techniques to my skill set.   

Jeannie: When I paint, I want to tell a story. I hope that viewers connect with the painting and [associate it with] a memory from their own life. Certain colors, shapes and locations drive me to look at what I want to capture on canvas.

HLB: What are your artistic goals? 

Jerry: I’ve always believed that learning is a lifelong activity and continued learning is necessary and fulfilling. Art has provided me a new learning experience. Although I only recently discovered painting, it’s rewarding for me, a new challenge, and a great adventure. My goal is to keep painting, keep learning, and enjoy the whole experience. 

Jeannie: Every time I start a painting, I look for a new challenge to undertake. I try to meet this by painting scenes I love, hoping that my interpretation translates into something my viewers love [as well]. That’s a short-term goal, but to me very important. I feel as an artist that it’s my responsibility to produce something that makes a home a little brighter and someone a little happier every time they look at it.

By Heather L. Becker // Art photos courtesy of artist. Artist photo by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group