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Get to Know Nicolas Come

Aug 29, 2014 01:12PM ● By Amber Foster
Nicolas Come is 10 years old (as of September 4), and if you asked him a few years ago what he likes to eat, he’d say that he didn’t like anything. “I wouldn’t even eat pizza!” Finally, Nicolas’ father, Stephane Come, came up with a plan: Perhaps if his son planted and grew his own food, he would expand his closed culinary boundaries. The idea worked, but with unexpected repercussions. Nicolas became so passionate about growing and eating healthy food that he wanted to share his discovery with other kids. He decided to create Nicolas’ Garden, a kid-friendly mobile app that provides information on gardening and farm-to-fork nutrition.
Stephane, a busy software engineer, approved of the idea, but told his son that if he wanted to do the project, he’d have to figure it out on his own. “Some people would say, ‘[He’s] just a kid,’” Stephane explains. “I say, empower kids. If they want to try, let them try.” It took several years of effort, but Nicolas was finally able bring his dream to fruition. He now has big plans for the future, including starting his own food-themed television show. “I want an entire channel of Nicolas’ Garden!” he exclaims. Given what Nicolas has already accomplished, we don’t put it past him.