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Chako Pit Bull Rescue and Advocacy

Jul 31, 2014 05:38PM ● By Morgan Cásarez

Photography by Dante Fontana © Style Media Group

In 1997, Dawn Capp, MS, JD, was attending graduate school in Texas when she decided it was time to get a dog of her own. Having been raised around pit bulls, she visited the local shelter hoping to find one in need of a home, but her inquiry was met with confusion. “We don’t adopt out vicious dogs,” said the woman behind the counter. When she persisted, Capp was shocked to learn that all pit bulls brought there, even puppies, were euthanized. “On my way home, I tried to process what I’d learned,” she shares, “and I had this image in my head of my childhood dog, Chako, who was truly a gentle soul.” The thought of her beloved pet receiving a death sentence simply because of his breed brought her to tears. Rather than accept the standards of the time, she took action and founded Chako Pit Bull Rescue. For nearly two decades, Capp has combatted pit bull persecution by finding homes for those in need and promoting responsible ownership. “We work with local shelters extensively by pulling dogs that are critical and sending volunteers to the shelters to work with pit bulls as part of our Pit Bull University,” she explains. In addition to obedience classes and community outreach, Capp and her fellow volunteers speak with local legislators about dog-related issues, especially those concerning pit bulls, and have even been known to cover spay and neuter costs when funds allow. Her dream, she says, is to eventually secure a piece of property for a central rescue location. “I’m fighting the battle for these dogs because there is so much bad press about our breed out there,” explains Chako Adoptions Co-coordinator Eric Lynn Anderson. “I’m hoping that just like people, we no longer judge the book by its cover.”



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