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Anatolian Table

Feb 28, 2014 03:09AM ● By Style

Photography by Dante Fontana, © Style Media Group.

Traveling to the Republic of Turkey takes a long time.

Why not stay close to home and enjoy all of the country’s culinary wonders? Tucked in the corner of a Rocklin strip mall sits Anatolian Table, a Turkish bistro. The menu caters to all tastes, whether one prefers beef, lamb, chicken, fish or vegetarian dishes. Using fresh and locally grown produce, they prepare everything in house—even the yogurts and sauces. Welcoming crimson walls are covered with native art and woven rugs, and hanging brass lamps bring the ancient country to life.

Turkish music, just loud enough to enjoy but quiet enough to hold a comfortable conversation, set the mood for a recent dining experience. As my colleague and I walked in, the friendly staff—a nod to the country’s warm hospitality—was serving the bustling lunch crowd quickly.

For the appetizer, we opted for the patlican soslu—a lovely sauce composed of sautéed, tender eggplant, garlic, onion and tomatoes with mild spices. The plate was a perfect accompaniment to the fresh-baked, still warm sesame-sprinkled flatbread.

My coworker ordered the lamb sis kebab, which featured large chunks of grilled lamb (skewered and cooked on an open grill) served on a bed of savory rice, alongside green salad, grilled onions, pickled cabbage and two dipping sauces—garlic yogurt and cucumber-mint yogurt. I enjoyed the tavuk sis—large, white meat chicken kebab chunks served in the same manner as my coworker’s. It was a beautiful concert of colors, textures and flavors that complemented each other perfectly.

For the grand finale, we splurged and ordered kayisi tatlisi. A crisscross of house-made sticky sweet caramel sauce adorned the plate with six clouds of freshly whipped cream nestling almond-stuffed apricots. A dusting of fresh-ground pistachio nuts and cinnamon finished the dazzling display—a sweet finish to a memorable, culturally rich meal.

Anatolian Table, 6815 Lonetree Boulevard, Suite 105, Rocklin, 916-772-3020,

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