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Feb 06, 2014 08:07AM ● By Style

Photo by Aaron Roseli, © Style Media Group

Q: I’m planning a wedding and I’ve been told that food makes up the largest portion of a catering bill. Is this true?

A: I would say it’s a combination of food and service (i.e. labor). When it comes down to it, labor is the largest portion—it’s very intensive, from the beginning stages and behind-the-scenes planning to the purchasing, production, transportation and set-up (especially off-site catering) and then execution. Then, there is even more labor in the cleanup. Food costs can also be right up there, however.

Francie Cruz-Woessner
Bocca Catering

Q: What’s the difference between a consignment shop and a clothing exchange?

A: Consignment shops wait to sell your item, so clients don’t receive cash until a customer purchases it. The person who sold the item will get a check with a percentage of the sale. People who want to sell their clothes at clothing exchanges, on the other hand, receive the money the day they bring the item in. The clothing exchange will appraise the item, and then the customer will receive a percentage of the sale price determined by the exchange.

Kelly Seitser
Freestyle Clothing Exchange
850 East Bidwell Street, Suite 140, Folsom