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Ask the Experts: “New American” cuisine

Sep 11, 2013 01:09PM ● By Style

Q: What exactly is “New American” cuisine?

A: In California, especially, people are attracted to global flavors, but still enjoy the American twist. New American allows restaurants to bring fresh, exciting flavors from all over the world while keeping the style Americans love. At Sienna, some examples of the diverse dishes include Moroccan lamb chops, Thai chili mahi-mahi, kung pao calamari, and duck wontons—made with foods from local farmers. From a guest’s perspective, it’s exciting to try kicked-up flavors of American cuisine without going to an ethnic restaurant, which might intimidate some. We try to stay open to the emerging trends in the food business, and challenge our chefs to always look for new flavors that will keep food exciting.

Mark Platt, Owner
Sienna - El Dorado Hills, CA
Land Ocean - Folsom, CA